Novus Coffee Imports changes name to Mercon Specialty

Seattle-based Novus Coffee Imports, a division of The Mercon Group, is changing its name to Mercon Specialty. The name change is to reflect a better representation of the company’s identity as part of one of the world’s top coffee suppliers and reinforces Mercon’s commitment to independent coffee roasters nationwide. Mercon Specialty is an ideal supplier for roasters seeking broader access to Specialty and Premium coffees, more robust supply chains, logistics and global sustainability programs that benefit both producers and the communities they live in.

“As our business has grown in the last two years, we felt it was important to let our customers know of the many unique benefits associated with being part of the Mercon Group,” explains Craig Russell, managing director. Russell believes this change will allow the company to grow in new and dynamic ways. “We’re much more than just a specialty green coffee importer. Our team has over 65 years of specialty coffee experience so we can offer our customers much more, including operations in origin countries, consulting, world-class customer service, plus blending and roasting services. Mercon gives us a global reach while still maintaining the local presence in Origin countries that is so critical to success in the coffee business.”

Mercon Coffee Group is a vertically integrated green coffee supplier deeply committed to farmers’ sustainability. With a global reach of more than 60 countries and over 65 years of experience, Mercon’s expertise spans the entire supply chain, from farming and production to trading, logistics, and risk management. Mercon creates solutions from the producer to the roaster that rely on innovation and technology.

“Our purpose is to build a better coffee world,” says Oscar Sevilla, CEO of Mercon Coffee Corp. “Mercon Specialty gives us the ability to offer premium coffees and support to independent roasters in a sustainable way with a direct connection to the producers and their communities. This is one of the fastest growing parts of the coffee business and we are here to support the growth of the next generation of specialty coffee roasters.”

Improving the awareness of the Mercon Specialty brand will give more independent roasters access to the outstanding customer service, commitment to sustainability and the local presence at origin that is critical to the success of any coffee enterprise, according to the company.

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