Tchibo Coffee debuts in the US

Coinciding with National Coffee Day, Hamburg, Germany-based Tchibo (CHEE-bo) Coffee announced that it is launching in the United States this week.

“As the pandemic continues to impact coffee behaviour and consumption, consumers are looking for a brand to trust, one providing a reliable, authentic experience from the comfort of home. The time is right to bring the Tchibo experience to the US and get the first batches brewed in these new markets,” said Thomas Linemayr, CEO, Tchibo, which was founded in 1949. Linemayr served as CEO of Lindt & Sprüngli for its US business from 1999 to 2016, before joining Tchibo.

Linemayr said that Tchibo started looking at the US 1.5 years ago. He said that Tchibo is bringing a cleaner, more sustainable and fresher coffee experience to the US, noting that the products are unique to the US market and the packaging design is also exclusive to the US market. “We want to be disruptive and different in the marketplace. We are focusing on differentiating the recipe — selling flavour, experience and indulgence,” said Linemayr.

Prior to a full-phased national roll-out, Tchibo Coffee will be piloted at a cross section of diverse retailers throughout Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin. Distributed by Rainmaker Food Solution, Tchibo is hitting retail shelves with a selection of eight SKUs of whole bean and ground coffee created specifically for the US market. Blends include:

MORNING BLEND: The gentle, refined coffee combines light, harmonic aromas with an elegant taste. The Tchibo Röstmeister has assembled an exquisite recipe of 100% Arabica beans from the Latin American coffee belt. It’s lightly roasted with delicate hints of chocolate. Light Roast; Available in ground (12-oz bag)

COLOMBIA ORIGIN: This coffee is single sourced from high elevations in the Colombian Andes. Colombia Origin is a bright, aromatic coffee with a smooth medium roast. The hand-harvested 100% Arabica beans give it its rounded texture, vibrant aromas with a subtle fruity flavour. Medium Roast; Available in ground (12-oz bag)

CLASSIC BLEND: Tchibo’s house blend is inspired by European coffee culture: complex and elegant. Tchibo Röstmeister single roasts these 100% Arabica beans to a bold medium roast. It has a satiny finish with rich, lively aromas of red berries and dried fruits. Medium Roast; Available in ground (12-oz bag) and whole bean (12- and 30-oz bags)

RÖSTMEISTER: The pride and namesake of Tchibo Röstmeister, this coffee is for people who really love the flavour of coffee. It’s the strongest, darkest roasted 100% Arabica bean from Tchibo. Bold and delicious, it’s perfect for espresso or café au lait. It’s roasted the longest of all Tchibo coffees to bring out its full, rich body and featuring hints and aromas of bittersweet chocolate. Dark Roast; Available in ground (12-oz bag) and whole bean (12- and 30-oz bags)

Tchibo Coffee’s new line has an MSRP of USD $9.99 to $17.49 and is available at retailers such as HyVee, Woodman’s and Cub Foods beginning this week. Starting 27 October, the line will also be available at Jewel Osco, among other stores. Specific store locations can be found by visiting

Tchibo employs the concept of RÖST FRISCH (freshly roasted). Redefining what it means to be fresh – from growing and harvesting to roasting and packaging in every step of the process – Tchibo utilises its patented Aroma Protect TechnologyTM to preserve the smell and taste of the coffees. With the Aroma Protect Technology, Tchibo seals the packaging at the exact moment when beans’ flavours are most vibrant, fresh and intense to lock in over 800 different aromas as well as keep oxygen out.

Tchibo Coffee’s US launch is accompanied by a 360-degree media campaign that includes television, outdoor, digital, and social media. The teaser campaign began on 28 September and runs until 18 October. The full launch campaign will start on 19 October.

To learn more about Tchibo Coffee and the company’s fair business practices for all players along the coffee value chain and its decades-long commitment to sustainable coffee initiatives, visit that went live on 24 September.

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  1. Carolyn Farmer says:

    Does this coffee come in decaffeinated?

  2. Alan Flowers says:

    Tchibo was my favorite brand when I lived in Germany; pleased to know it’s come to USA. I would really like seeing Tchibo “Steh Cafe” in American high-traffic shopping areas.

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