Cafés Novell launches first range of ground coffee and beans in 100% compostable packaging

Cafés Novell, a family business based in Vilafranca del Penedés (Barcelona), has expanded its line of organic “NO WASTE” products with a new range of beans and ground coffees in 100% compostable packaging. In this way, the company continues to advance its commitment to sustainability and expands its offer of responsible products, following the launch in October 2019 of the first capsules of  “NO WASTE” coffee.

“Since we started our project more than 2 years ago with the first compostable capsule on the market in Spain, at Cafés Novell we have been advancing to achieve a round product: 100% compostable, 100% organic and certified, and with all this maintaining the best conditions and qualities of coffee. The new beans and ground coffees are the final step for the disposal of waste related to coffee consumption”, said Josep Novell, director of Cafés Novell SA.

Through the composting process, the film that packages Cafés Novell’s coffee disappears from the environment in 12-20 weeks, depending on the efficiency of the composting plants. Thus, these containers return to land as fertiliser in a short period of time, leaving zero environmental impact and constituting a future alternative to the waste generated by the capsules or packs of aluminium and plastic coffee.

The one-way valve on the front of the package is also made of compostable materials. This valve is a key element to preserve coffee optimally without having to resort to vacuum containers, as it allows the release of the CO2 that releases the roasted coffee, while preventing the ingress of oxygen or moisture that can damage the coffee. The new compostable range in beans and ground are also “NO WASTE” because of the effect they have for cultivation at source and for the consumer. Cafés Novell is the only brand on the market in Spain that offers a whole range of 100% organic, certified and sustainable coffees. The coffee has also been grown under the system of organic farming without herbicides or chemical pesticides.

“Cafés Novell has more than 60 years of experience in the Horeca canal and for more than 2 years we have worked to bring coffee from coffee shops to home. Hence, our commitment to work to ensure a coffee of the highest quality and controlling the whole process, from the plantation, to the roasting and the materials used for its packaging, is totally sustainable”, said Ramon Novell, director of Cafés Novell SA.

The new range of “NO WASTE” coffees is currently available in the UK in 3 different blends in both beans and ground variety, Ristretto, Intenso and Decaffeinato following the same great taste available in the “NO WASTE” capsules.

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