Catalyst Trade and Extracto Coffee partner to raise money for US charity Portland Street Medicine

A reported 72% of Portland’s homeless population report a chronic disabling condition, while the average life expectancy of a homeless person is only 42 years.

Hospitals and care systems can be nearly impossible to navigate, resulting in many homeless individuals falling through the cracks—even before Covid-19 created a new healthcare crisis. The volunteer medical teams of non-profit Portland Street Medicine is reportedly solving this problem by regularly visiting and helping the community with food, emergency medical care, and essential supplies like toiletries, tampons, and even TriMet tickets. If clients need it, the charity will also connect them with emergency care and same-day services.

Local coffee businesses Catalyst Trade and Extracto Coffee Roasters have teamed up to raise money to benefit Portland Street Medicine. “We wanted to really contribute to a team that’s providing help on the ground level,” said Catalyst Trade CEO, Emily McIntyre.

Extracto and Catalyst Trade have been partners for years, and Extracto owner Chris Brady has traveled with the Catalyst team to Ethiopia several times. A majority Ethiopian-owned business, Catalyst Trade is an importing company intensely involved with the communities where its coffee is grown, as well as where it is consumed.

Extracto Coffee is an anchor of NE Portland, with owners Chris and Celeste Brady providing a cafe and wholesale experience that, even during Covid-19, is its own ‘unique community pocket’.

The two companies have started donating (as of 17 July) 100% of the proceeds from sales of their Ethiopian Washed Dimtu Guji coffee, which will be available through Extracto’s website (for free delivery throughout most of Portland’s Metro area). The companies estimate they may be able to raise around $11,000 for Portland Street Medicine.

“It was important to us that we donate a coffee that’s high quality and community-based,” said McIntyre. “We want to give our best to help Portland Street Medicine with its mission, and we hope that our fellow Portlanders and coffee professionals will support us to make it count.”

The coffee will cost $20 for a 12oz bag and can be ordered via:

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