Wild Barn Coffee introduces ‘high altitude’ Nitro Cold-Brew coffee

Imagined and developed by an adventure-seeking, female duo whose passion for the great outdoors is reportedly matched only by their love for a great tasting cold brew coffee, Wild Barn Coffee was born with a dedicated mission to brew the highest quality coffee created to boost energy, promote overall well being and aid in post-fun activity. Of equal importance to taste, attitude and health, was that the beans must be produced using only forest-friendly methods of coffee production.

The Boulder-based coffee company discovered that its goal would become a reality by using a simple formula in its ice-cold can that is sugar-free, dairy-free and made with just three organic ingredients: coffee, goji berries and cacao nibs. With all ingredients combined, Wild Barn Coffee reportedly delivers a unique flavour profile that is best described by the company’s founders, Jenny Verrochi and Alyssa Evans: “It starts with a creamy sip through a frothy nitro head, followed by a whisper of superfood sweetness, and is topped by a bold brew that’s as smooth as the dickens.”

In addition to the distinctive blend and ingredients, the Wild Barn Coffee founders said it was important that the coffee was more than just a great can of Nitro Cold-Brew, as it was always meant to have a strong connection to those that celebrate the outdoors and adventure. “When I designed the logo, packaging and ultimately the entire can, it was critical that we captured our vision to speak to a new generation of coffee drinkers,” explained Evans. “It was exciting to be the person that was able to take our collective vision and literally create a brand that celebrated the lifestyle that we lived every day.” 

Featuring beans produced off-grid at a carbon neutral process facility in the Yoro Biological Corridor in Central America, Wild Barn Coffee partners with Cafe Solar (www.cafesolar.com) to source and secure the beans to formulate its cold can recipe. Sourcing from Café Solar guarantees that each purchase of a Wild Barn Coffee product supports the introduction of solar/biofuel processing and forest-friendly coffee plantations in harmony with tropical forests and the four national parks within the Yoro Biological Corridor.

Currently available in select Colorado based stores and markets, Wild Barn Coffee can be purchased online and shipped in 6 or 12 pack cases from: wildbarncoffee.com/shop.

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