Teavana introduces new iced teas and herbal tea flavours

Teavana is welcoming the warmer weather ahead by bringing tea fans three new ready-to-drink Wellness Craft Iced Teas and three new herbal tea sachets.

Teavana’s new Wellness Craft Iced Teas are available in three flavours:

DEFENSE Orange Cinnamon White Tea

A smooth, citrus-bright white tea blend with hints of orange peel, cinnamon, ginger, blackberry leaf and added vitamin C and “honey-kissed” for sweetness. Teavana’s at-home serving tip: pour this tea in a tall pint glass with crushed ice and add an orange slice garnish for aroma and flair.

BALANCE Watermelon Basil Oolong Tea

A “luminous” oolong tea blend of watermelon flavour and basil leaves plus turmeric ⁠— “honey-kissed” for sweetness. Teavana’s at-home serving tip: mix this tea with ice in a cocktail shaker, shake it up and pour in a glass tumbler – add a watermelon garnish for extra refreshment.

REFRESH Blueberry Mint Herbal Tea

A mint herbal tea blend of blueberry flavour alongside hibiscus and ginger — without any added sugar. Teavana’s at-home serving tip: muddle mint leaves and add to this tea for an extra crisp flavour boost.

Teavana’s new herbal tea sachets are also available in three flavours:

Mandarin Mimosa Herbal Tea

Real mandarin orange peel, mango and papaya flavours are infused with lemongrass in this herbal blend. Teavana’s at-home serving tip: brew this tea iced and add an orange wheel for an added punch of citrus.

Spiced Apple Cider Herbal Tea

Juicy, crisp apple flavour blended with warm cinnamon and clove spices in a “comforting” herbal tea blend that features South African rooibos. Teavana’s at-home serving tip: garnish this tea with cinnamon sticks for extra spice.

Lemon Ginger Bliss Herbal Tea

Ginger and citrus paired with sweet, creamy notes of strawberry. Teavana’s at-home serving tip: brew this tea iced and add a touch of honey for a bit of natural summer sweetness.

The new Wellness Craft Iced Teas join Teavana’s existing Craft Iced Tea and Sparkling Craft Iced Tea lineups and are now available in-store at select retailers including Whole Foods Market for an SRP of $2.39 per 12 fluid ounce bottle. Select flavours are also available at Starbucks stores.

Available wherever you buy groceries and on Amazon for an SRP of $5.99, the herbal teas are the newest flavours to join the lineup of Teavana’s premium tea sachets sold in grocery, first introduced in 2018.

For more information, visit: Teavana.com.

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