Westholme Tea to host its first annual Tea Harvest Festival

Westholme Tea Company, Canada’s first and only tea farm, is hosting its first annual Westholme Tea Harvest Festival from 29-31 May 2020, which will celebrate the company’s commitment to creating the most authentic tea culture experience in Canada.

The festival will extend the tea drinking experience into Westholme’s gardens, where guests can gain an appreciation for the entire process of growing, harvesting, blending and tasting Westholme’s 2020 tea harvest.

“People may be surprised there is tea growing in Canada; they may be even more surprised that we have been growing tea for 10 years now!” said Victor Vesely, co-founder and tea-maker at Westholme Tea Company.

While many Canadians were first introduced to tea in its manufactured teabag form, it is an agricultural product, originating in tea gardens and harvested by hand each spring. Each year, the tea harvest brings to life its own flavour profile based on the local terroir. The climate, soil, altitude and latitude, in addition to the cultivation method, plant material (varietal or cultivar), growing season, type of plucking and historical practices all impact the final flavour of the tea.

One of Margit Nellemann’s ceramic tea-inspired vessels will be provided upon admission to the Tea Harvest Festival so that each guest can indulge in the full tasting experience.

Seminars will highlight plucking and processing techniques and will include a Spring Harvest Cupping of Teas of the World.

Experimenting with various growing conditions has been an integral part of Westholme Tea Company’s success and the company now produces the first Canadian rare terroir black tea, Heron’s Wake, in addition to their Tree Frog Green, Swallow Tale Oolong and White Mist. Along with producing its own teas, Westholme blends original tea recipes and tisanes, sourcing certified organic teas and ingredients from around the world.

The Westholme Tea Harvest Festival 2020 will feature live music, food pairings and culinary creations by local chefs and businesses which feature Westholme tea.

For more details, visit: https://westholmetea.com/



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