Blue Goose offer chemical-free decaf coffee pods

Blue Goose are now offering compostable Nespresso capsules filled with 100% chemical-free, organic coffee, to help coffee lovers enjoy decaf without compromising on taste or quality.

A reported 80% of decaffeinated coffees on the market go through a decaffeination process that uses the same chemicals found in paint stripper. In contrast, Blue Goose’s Swiss Water decaffeination process uses a combination of spring water, temperature and time to create coffee without the caffeine kick or chemical trail.

Blue Goose’s co-founder, Lex Thornely, said: “We wanted to prove just how good capsule coffee, and in particular Decaf capsule coffee, should taste without compromising on our ethical approach to business. So we naturally selected speciality grade and Organic Swiss Water decaf coffee to go into our eco pods, for which we pay our growers a premium beyond the Fairtrade Minimum Price.”

As well as being vegan approved, the Blue Goose capsules are also compostable. Nespresso have publicly stated that only 28% of their capsules are recycled in the UK, while the rest go to landfill or incinerators. Blue Goose’s Nespresso pods will turn into compost or liquid fertiliser within 12 weeks if placed in council food waste, depending on local waste processing facilities.

“Single use coffee machines are all about convenience, but every capsule coffee brewed at home creates a damaging environmental legacy that, as yet, has largely gone under the radar of consumers and governments alike.” said Thornely.

“This was the inspiration for Nick and I to create a coffee capsule experience without the conscience, where our certified plastic-free and GM-free wood bark capsules are produced using renewable energy and waste wood bark from the European paper industry.

“In contrast to aluminium and plastic capsules, within 12 weeks they will also be processed into compost or liquid fertilizer when placed into food waste collection bins, depending on local council processing facilities. Our whole range is also packaged in sustainably sourced, recyclable FSC cardboard, printed using vegetable inks and secured using plastic-free glue.

“So not only does our Swiss Water Decaf coffee minimise the production and use of man-made industrial chemicals, but our whole eco capsule range represents a delicious, sustainable and ethical coffee experience that is good for our customers and our planet. It’s the ultimate coffee convenience without the conscience for anyone looking for a caffeine-free start to 2020.”

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