Folgers New Simply Gourmet Coffee Features Natural Flavours

Folgers is introducing Simply Gourmet Coffee, a new line that offers 100 percent Arabica coffee and real, natural flavours.

Folgers Simply Gourmet coffee gives coffee lovers the opportunity to enjoy delicious, natural flavoured coffee, and to recreate their favourite fall coffee recipes with no artificial flavours. One hundred percent premium Arabica beans are perfectly paired and balanced with natural flavors to create the following flavoured coffees: Natural Vanilla, Natural Cinnamon, Natural Chocolate, Natural Caramel, Natural Chocolate Raspberry and Natural Mint.

To help showcase the flavours of the six, new Folgers Simply Gourmet flavoured coffees, the brand enlisted Celebrity Chef and Food Network Personality, Alex Guarnaschelli, to serve as the Folgers Simply Gourmet Real Barista. Guarnaschelli will use each flavour to purposefully recraft popular coffee drinks like Cinnamon Pumpkin Pie Spice Lattes and Caramel Horchatas and inspire new recipes such as Chocolate Raspberry Coffee Parfaits and Vanilla Coffee Sweet Potato Puree. Guarnaschelli’s Folgers Simply Gourmet coffee-inspired recipes are available on

“Folgers Simply Gourmet coffee made the conceptualization and development of these fall recipes easy for me, given how the brand prioritized natural flavours above all else,” says Guarnaschelli. “Coffee has never been trendier than it is right now, so I think it’s important that Folgers has taken the initiative to create and provide coffee drinkers with six natural flavoured coffees that have a decadent taste and aroma.”

Every Fall there is a flurry of flavoured coffee activity, and Folgers wanted to provide a natural flavoured coffee option to satisfy consumers’ taste preferences without the use of artificial ingredients. Coffee drinkers have the opportunity to experience their favourite fall coffees in a more authentic, and balanced way with the new Folgers Simply Gourmet coffee.

Now available in 10-oz packages in select markets nationwide such as Kroger, Jewel Osco, Target and Walmart, for an average MSRP of USD $5.99, Folgers Simply Gourmet coffee can be enjoyed using various brewing methods including automatic drip, pour over and French press.

Headquartered in Orrville, Ohio, The JM Smucker Company has been a leading marketer and manufacturer of consumer food and beverage products and pet food and pet snacks in North America for 120 years. Smucker’s coffee brands include Folgers,, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Café Bustelo. For more information, please visit

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