Bigelow Tea expands Benefits range

Bigelow Tea has introduced three new flavours to the expanding line of Bigelow Benefits teas: Benefits Stress Free, Benefits Focus, and Benefits Lean and Fit.

While all tea is inherently healthy and functional, the Benefits line, including the new flavours, offer wellness options for a healthy lifestyle. With a focus on always delivering a perfect cup of tea, these inspired combinations of herbs and spice ingredients are imaginative and flavorful.

Benefits Stress Free – Rose & Mint Herbal Tea with additional ingredients; Skullcap, Tulsi Leaves and Passionflower, produce sweet floral notes combined with a slight fruity tang, all cooled with a hint of delicious peppermint.

Benefits Focus – Moringa & Black Tea. A bold black tea, this flavour produces earthy notes and features Moringa, Ashwagandha Root, and Turmeric Root.

Benefits Lean and Fit – Citrus & Oolong Tea. A robust oolong with a combination of citrus notes including grapefruit and lemon and smoky tea features Yerba Mate, Parsley and Red Clover. Who doesn’t want to live a life Lean & Fit every day.

With the Benefits line, the Bigelow family expanded on their passion for making exceptional teas by combining authentic ingredients that are uncommonly delicious. Featuring all natural green, black and herbal teas with beneficial herbs, flowers and fruits, each ingredient in the Benefits range of now ten teas is selected to provide specific natural good-for-you benefits that help support each tea drinker’s well-being.

“With today’s growing awareness for mindful eating and the need to live a healthy lifestyle, we created these beautiful and flavourful teas to support our bodies naturally, in gentle ways with ingredients you trust,” said Cindi Bigelow, third generation president & CEO.

“Like all Bigelow teas, the Benefits line is made with exceptional care under the careful watch of the Bigelow family tea blenders right here in the US. Just one sip and I believe you’ll want to make each of these teas a part of an everyday routine that helps you define the life you want to live!”

The Benefits range of ten teas, which includes the three newest flavors, are gluten free and non-GMO. You can find boxes of 18 individually-wrapped tea bags on store shelves nationwide and by the case on the Bigelow Tea company website,


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