Ally Coffee expands learning opportunities

Green coffee company Ally Coffee has expanded its learning opportunities to the global community of coffee professionals. Ally Coffee aims to encourage a community of coffee professionals by making coffee learning relevant, valuable, accessible and current.

Ally’s programs are designed to meet the diverse needs of roasters, baristas, and café owners by offering classes online and at its office in Greenville, South Carolina. Course formats are formalised, and customised for individual businesses, or community peer-to-peer workshops.

The Q Arabica Grader Combined Course and Exam, Exam Retakes, Re-Certification for lapsed licenses, and the Q Processing Generalist follow the curricula set by the Coffee Quality Institute. The next Q Arabica Grader Course and Exam is October 7-12.

“Communities of Practice are spaces for industry professionals, from novices to veterans, to meet and build the skills and community to better run their coffee businesses,” said Ildi Revi, Ally’s director of learning.

“Participants take meaningful, applicable knowledge back to their workplaces to build businesses that are responsible, sustainable, profitable, and inclusive forces for positivity.” The next Community of Practice is for Practitioners of Cold Brew November 7-8.

Further, Ally offers two customisable courses tailored and scheduled according to businesses’ or individual’s needs. Food Safety for Coffee Roasting Operations is a blended learning course, begun online and completed at a business’s location or via videocall to train a Preventative Controls Qualified Individual in compliance with FSMA legislation. Roasting Principles and Practice similarly begins online and culminates with in-person practice and application to train new roasters or move seasoned roasters’ skills to the next level.

Q Arabica Course Preparation is also available online.

No matter the location or level, Ally Coffee’s learning opportunities are open to everyone in the coffee community. Visit for full course calendar and descriptions.

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