Bottleshot cold brew launches in UK

Brand new female-founded cold brew brand, Bottleshot, launches in the UK today, with its smooth Black Cold Brew flavour.

Bottleshot is available exclusively in Soho House locations across the UK, and will also be available for purchase on Amazon, as well as their website.

Drinking director of Soho House Group, Tom Kerr said: “Cold brew is an exciting time in the coffee category right now and Bottleshot is the most unique out there. Its bold, sweet, and nutty flavour creates the perfect balance for an intense caffeine hit.”

Originally from New Orleans, the birthplace of cold brew coffee, Bottleshot’s founder and CEO, Annie Mitchell, drank cold brew regularly. When moving to the UK a few years ago, Annie failed to see much cold brew choice in retailers, which led to her creation of Bottleshot.

Over the past several years, cold brew has grown 580% in the US, and UK operators remain optimistic for the potential of the UK iced beverage market to mirror the US.

Not to be confused with iced coffee which is simply “hot” coffee poured over ice, Bottleshot steep premium, ethically sourced Arabica beans in cold water for 18 hours mixed afterwards with a dash of chicory. Each can of Bottleshot contains the equivalent of two shots of espresso, with an extra kick from the added chicory.

The eco-conscious brand aims to continue improving its environmental and social impact, as its cans are recyclable and its coffee beans are Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Mitchell said: “Cold brew was always in our home growing up – so much so, I didn’t realise it wasn’t the norm. Then later when I moved to London I kept hearing about cold brew exploding in the States outside of New Orleans. I was frankly just jealous this was happening when I, cold brew’s biggest fan, couldn’t find any decent cold brew in the UK. I ultimately decided to do something about it and worked tirelessly over the course of a year to create a delicious, strong, authentic tasting cold brew. This is cold brew done right!”

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