Bigelow Tea becomes a Certified B Corporation

Bigelow Tea, a US specialty tea producer, has become a Certified B Corporation, joining more than 2,700 companies worldwide that are committed to using their businesses as a positive force for social and environmental change.

Cindi Bigelow, third-generation president & CEO of the family-owned company said corporate social responsibility has always been a core business value for Bigelow Tea.

“Being certified as a B Corp officially recognises a commitment that has been part of the company’s DNA since it was founded by my grandmother Ruth Campbell Bigelow 75 years ago,” said Cindi. “Our purpose has always been about much more than making profits. We’re committed to good citizenship, ethical business practices, accountability and transparency, protecting the environment, sustainability and supporting our communities.”

B stands for Benefit

In order to be certified as a B Corp (B stands for “benefit”), a company must undergo a rigorous assessment of its business practices and meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance in addition to expanding its corporate responsibilities to include the interests of various stakeholders. The certification process is conducted by B Lab, a nonprofit organisation that measures how a company treats workers, suppliers, environment and the community.

“Bigelow has always been a pioneer in helping people conceptualise how companies can use business as a force for good. Certifying as a B Corporation and registering as a CT benefit corporation ensures the company stays true to its mission as it continues to demonstrate leadership in the midst of growing impatience with the old ways of doing business,” according to Andy Fyfe, business development, B Lab. “They now join a community of 2700+ B Corps, across 150+ industries, operating in 50+ countries around the world meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and legal accountability.”

In its DNA

Bigelow has long prided itself on its environmental, sustainability and community programs, including charitable initiatives centered around the Bigelow Tea Community Challenge, an annual road race that has contributed $1.7 million to local non-profits over the past 31 years.

“We were very excited to discover that by doing the things that had been written into our mission statement more than 30 years ago, we were already meeting the requirements,” Cindi Bigelow said.

“To me, ethical leadership means thinking about the long term and ensuring we are doing the right thing for our future. It means constantly working to create an environment of pride and making a difference every day so we all feel motivated to be the best we can possibly be,” she added. “Being certified as a B Corp redoubles our long-standing efforts and helps everyone understand that we need to take corporate responsibility extremely seriously.”


About Bigelow Tea Company

Based in Fairfield, CT and 100% family owned, the Bigelow Tea Company pioneered the specialty tea category nearly 75 years ago. The three-generational company, founded by Ruth Campbell Bigelow in 1945, takes pride in its heritage and successful growth from a one-product, entrepreneurial venture into America’s leading specialty tea company. Producing 2 billion tea bags annually, the Bigelow Tea line includes more than 150 varieties of Flavoured, Traditional, Green, Organic, Herbal, Decaffeinated and Wellness teas – including its flagship specialty tea flavor, “Constant Comment”®.

Bigelow Tea products are available online and in grocery and natural stores nationwide. Please visit our website to learn more, .

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