TC Transcontinental wins big at PAC Canadian Leadership Awards

TC Transcontinental Packaging has won the Sustainable Packaging category at the 2019 PAC Canadian Leadership Awards with its Harney & Sons Fine Teas 100% recyclable packages with barrier. These awards fully support the corporation’s pledge for 100% of its plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

“We are thrilled to have our innovations recognised at the PAC Canadian Leadership Awards,” said Alex Hayden, senior vice president, R&D, innovation and sustainability, TC Transcontinental Packaging.

“Our focus is to develop packaging solutions that meet our customers’ needs and are ahead of market trends. We collaborate with partners from across the plastic value chain and make sure to use a circular approach in every step of our product design, from sourcing to end-of-life. We are poised to continue developing industry leading sustainable packaging and to increase the amount of recycled plastics in our portfolio.”

The Harney & Sons Fine Teas and Les Aliments Jardi packages are both 100% recyclable, multilayer barrier stand-up pouches. They hit all notes: 100% recycle ready for in-store drop off, EVOH barrier for product preservation, seal strength, and durability. The challenge with barrier films from a sustainability perspective is that it is not easily broken down and recycled, therefore hindering its reuse and contribution to positive environmental change. Dow’s Retain resin technology provides the solution to this concern by compatibilising the barrier, thus allowing for a multilayer film to be fully recyclable and attain sustainability goals.

Additionally, TC Transcontinental Packaging won a Silver award in the Sustainabiltiy Category with its and Les Aliments Jardi package, a Silver award in the Rebrand, Food & Beverage category for its Diamond Brand Shelled Walnuts pouch as well as a Silver award in the Rebrand, Non Food category for its Golfgreen Nitrogrow pouch from Canadian Tire.

The 2019 PAC Canadian Leadership Awards celebrate craftmanship in brand package design and innovation with a vision to showcase the power of packaging.

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