Blue Apple launches bespoke coffee Pip & Bean

Blue Apple Catering has launched Pip & Bean Coffee, a bespoke blend of Arabica beans, developed in-house with Bewley’s Tea and Coffee.

Design and brand manager Jo Billing said: “We have created a coffee to call our own that embodies our core values and one with a story that we are truly passionate about.”

Blue Apple worked in partnership with Bewley’s to produce the Fairtrade and organic Pip & Bean blend. It is slow roasted to a medium colour and is satisfyingly complex in flavour. Notes of dark chocolate, brown sugar and white grape are at the forefront of the profile, with a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity.

The blend features beans sourced from Comisuyl, a co-op of small coffee farmers in the village of Subirana in Honduras. It is Central America’s first working dry mill and the world’s first off grid coffee processing centre, powered 100% by renewable energy technology.

Brian Allanson, CEO at Blue Apple, said: “We are incredibly proud of Pip & Bean as it has been created 100% in-house – from tasting and developing the blend with Bewley’s to the branding you see today. A first-class coffee is one of the core pillars of our offering, and to get this absolutely right first time was critical. Having tasted a very good amount of it myself, I am convinced our customers will enjoy it as much as much as I do.”

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