Boncafé & Java Mountain Coffee Form an “Asian Sustainable Coffee Distribution” Partnership

Boncafé International and Java Mountain Coffee are forming an “Asian Sustainable Coffee Distribution” partnership to support women working in the coffee supply chain throughout Asia.

Boncafé International, a Singapore-based subsidiary of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, also announced it will join the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, an industry-wide effort led by Conservation International (CI) to make coffee the first sustainable agricultural product in the world.

Java Mountain Coffee is an Indonesian social enterprise with a mission and UN commitment to empower one million rural women and plant three million climate resistant coffee and shade trees by 2030 through sustainable trade.

Under the partnership with Java Mountain Coffee, Boncafé International will roast and distribute Java Mountain Coffee throughout Asia, the markets to include Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

From every sale, a contribution is made to the Women’s Empowerment Innovation Fund, a dedicated fund aimed at the delivery of measured social and environmental impacts to support women farmer members of cooperatives that are established under the initiative, and their farms in rural Indonesia.

Women smallholder coffee farmers do over 60% of the manual work involved in producing coffee, yet earn less than 10% of the income, and own less than 1% of the land. Smallholder coffee farmers face significant risks. Their livelihoods depend on coffee crops, which are highly vulnerable to climate change. By empowering women and allowing them to reach their full potential, it will lead to greater equality, a healthier planet and food security for all.

“Java Mountain Coffee is extremely grateful that Boncafé International is partnering with us, which underlines a shared vision of social and environmental values,” said Nadine

Alexandra, spokeswoman of Java Mountain Coffee. “Together we will drive a collaborative approach with market partners throughout Asia, and contribute a measured sustainable impact to the most vulnerable women coffee farmers and farms in Indonesia. The Sustainable Programme contributes to the protection of women farmers livelihoods, the environment and future of coffee”.

As a member of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, Boncafé International joins Java Mountain Coffee and a coalition of over 70 partners, including corporations, governments, NGOs, and research organissations committed to making coffee the first sustainable agricultural product in the world. Java Mountain Coffee was among the founding partners of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge.

“After water, coffee is the most consumed drink worldwide. With climate change affecting growing conditions, market volatility endangering the prosperity and wellbeing of this commodity business, Boncafé endeavours by pledging ourselves with Conservation International’s Sustainable Coffee Challenge to be part of this meaningful move to make coffee the first sustainable agricultural product,said Pascal Heritier, group chairman of the Boncafé Group of Companies.

“We are very excited about Boncafé International’s decision to join the Sustainable Coffee Challenge” said Conservation International’s Bambi Semroc, who leads the Sustainable Coffee Challenge. “We see this as an important, catalytic event that will trigger more coffee companies in Singapore and beyond to join our collaborative effort to tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing the coffee sector.”

For more information, visit the Java Mountain Coffee website:

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