Percolate Tea arrives in Hollywood

Tea brand Percolate is bringing small-batch boba, premium loose-leaf teas and other drinks to Hollywood this month.

Percolate specializes in the perfect cup, brewing at exact temperatures for a precise length of time depending on the variety of tea used. The state-of-the-art Melrose Avenue location dons an expansive tea and espresso bar equipped with 16 glass percolators imported from Japan, with Percolate’s baristas closely monitoring each order to maximize flavor extract and prevent burning.

Also known for its small-batch boba (also known as bubble tea), Percolate uses a slow cooking process and grade-A tapioca to ensure freshness and consistency.

The new store on Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles combines ‘tea with technology’, using self-order kiosks that recall previous customer’s orders to speed up the ordering process and reduce wait times. A third Percolate store in the state’s Los Feliz neighborhood is said to opening for spring 2019.

To celebrate opening day (12 January), the first 100 customers will receive a complimentary medium drink and chance to win reusable KeepCups with metal boba straws.

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  1. Calvin Harris says:

    Hey when are you guys gonna make your way to the Florida area because I swear business would freakin boom in Tampa. Yall definitely remind me of old school Teavana back when they first started

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