Brazil’s Private Coffee Stock of the 2016 Crop is 9.86 Million Bags

A survey carried out by the National Supply Company (Conab) of Brazil on the final private stocks of coffee from the 2016 harvest indicates a volume of 9.86 million bags stored throughout the country. The study, released on 12 July can be accessed on Conab’s website.

According to the survey formulated by the Conab’s Agribusiness Information Superintendence, the volume declared this year is 27.4% lower than that recorded in the survey at the end of the 2015 harvest, when the private stock registered was 13.59 million bags.

This year, Arabica represents 90% of the total coffee, with a stock of 8.87 million bags. The Conillon is only 10% of the private stock raised, with 994.8 thousand bags. The Southeast Region, the leader in domestic production, comprised 90.7% of the total Brazilian stock.

The state with the largest production in the country, Minas Gerais, accounts for 78% of the current national stocks, with 7.67 million bags of Arabica and 20.2 thousand bags of Conillon. Espírito Santo, the largest Conillon producer, has 7% of the country’s stocks: 487.49 thousand Conillon bags and 162 thousand Arabica bags.

The data refer to the position of stocks on 31 March, and were spontaneously provided by producers across the country. As part of the information verification process, warehouses were selected in the main producing regions to check stock declared by means of physical counting by the Conab’s inspectors.

The survey is conducted annually by Conab to know the final stock of each crop. This year, 931 warehouses, responsible for 1,495 participating warehouses, were consulted.

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