Three Tea Trends Will Shake the UK’s Hospitality Industry in 2019

A new report from the National Tea Day reveals that the landscape of the United Kingdom’s favourite drink is set to change for good as the health-conscious millennials exercise their generational differences and ditch the traditional breakfast brew in favour of wellness teas – and they are prepared to back up their desire for beverages with health benefits by paying up to £5 for a cuppa.

“There are three definitive trends which will shake up hospitality in 2019 as consumers seek out tea which has added health benefits, is sustainable and gives them an ‘experience.’ Venue managers need to be aware of these trends if they want to capitalise – especially since we’ve learned consumers will now spend double on a wellness tea compared to a breakfast brew,” says Marco Geraghty, co-founder of National Tea Day. “The shift is led by millennials who have a fundamental difference in their outlook on tea compared to their generational counterparts. To better understand their behaviour, we felt it necessary to conduct a report to provide hospitality leaders and the tea sector with up to date intelligence on the most dynamic category in beverages right now.”

According to Geraghty, “We already knew millennials were driven by wellness but it’s now clear their purchasing behaviour is disrupting the category giving a boost in sales to untraditional tea products which host an array of functional benefits. Outlets need to capitalise on this trend and cater to this consumer, especially as we’ve learned they will spend up to £5 on wellness tea, leaving room for great profit margins.”

Diaz Ayub, National Tea Day co-founder and tea futurist, explains that these consumers are prepared to pay a premium for the right product but as well as health they are very environmentally conscious. “The ‘aware’ consumer demands sustainable and ethically sourced products, so brands and outlets need to get on board with this if they want to keep up with the market and stay relevant.”

He adds, “The report indicates that the tea occasion has changed, from that of indulgence and gluttony to one of sensuality and mindfulness, and outlets should bear this in mind when considering how to boost sales in 2019. Immersive afternoon tea experiences along with modernist tea and food pairing menus are going to become more and more popular and will attract a new customer.”

Geraghty and Ayub say Michelin-starred French restaurant Club Gascon in Farringdon is an early adopter and is already seeing great success with their six-course tea pairing menu, particularly with those looking to embrace the alcohol-free lunch option.

National Tea Day is 21 April each year. To view the full report, visit:

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