Peet’s Coffee Heralds the Holidays with Festive Offerings

Peet’s Coffee, is unveiling its 2018 holiday offerings 1 November. The festive coffee first lineup features the new Etoile single-origin, annual Holiday Blend, newcomer Dark Chocolate Orange Mocha, along with returning favourites.

The Peet’s Coffee 2018 Holiday Blend is crafted with fine coffees from around the world. Each sip is warmly spiced with notes of citrus and Mayan chocolate for a deeply roasted, flavourful cup.

“Stout bodied, deeply roasted, and joyously flavourful, our Holiday Blend is the most ardently awaited coffee of the year,” says Doug Welsh, Peet’s roastmaster and vice president of coffee. “This year we selected southern Ethiopian coffee for its citrusy perfume, the sublimely syrupy and tobacco-spiced Sumatra of the Batak region, and the Mayan chocolate delights of Guatemala from the small farms of San Martín Jilotepeque.”

Available 1 November until 8 January 2019, and while supplies last, the Annual Holiday Blend can be purchased at participating Peet’s coffeebar locations and online at, as well as grocery stores nationwide. Prices vary by channel.

The 2018 Etoile is a unique single-origin light roast, also offered only for the holiday season. Sourced from Jimma in Ethiopia, the coffee features full flavour notes of brilliant citrus and potent spice. At USD $18.00 per pound, Etoile is only available at participating Peet’s coffeebar locations while supplies last through 8 January 2019.

The Peet’s coffeebar lineup will include one new beverage alongside returning seasonal favourites that are available, while supplies last (between 1 November and 8 January 2019): Dark Chocolate Orange Mocha (USD $4.75 – $6.05) — hand-pulled espresso and freshly steamed milk blended with decadent chocolate, unsweetened Dutch cocoa, and sweet citrus topped with a dollop of whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa.

“The flavours and ingredients that cue joyfully nostalgic memories are at the core of our 2018 holiday handcrafted beverages,” says Patrick Main, senior R&D manager, Peet’s Coffee, based in Emeryville, California. “We all know that feeling of a scent or taste that immediately transports us to a special time or place. And we hope our fans enjoy our take on the indulgent and comforting trimmings of the season.”

Returning favourites include:

• Holiday Spice Latte (USD $4.40 – $5.70): hand-pulled espresso, freshly steamed milk, and an aromatic mixture of holiday baking spices that delivers cozy notes of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg.
• Peppermint Mocha ($4.50 – $5.80): hand-pulled espresso infused with chocolate sauce and the fragrant flavour of peppermint, topped with a cloud of whipped cream.
• Eggnog Latte ($4.10 – $5.40): hand-pulled espresso steamed with real, authentic eggnog.
• Pumpkin Latte ($3.90-$5.20): hand-pulled espresso and steamed milk meet the indulgent richness of pumpkin pie, topped with a sprinkling of baking spices.

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