Roastworks Coffee Debuts Five-Item Line in Waitrose

Roastworks Coffee Co., an independent specialty coffee roaster located in Devon, UK, has launched five items in UK-based retailer, Waitrose. This is the first time Roastworks has marketed products in a national retailer. The products rolled out 1 July.

The line-up features Roastworks’ new Nespresso-compatible capsules in three different varieties: Kenya, Sumatra and The Espresso (RRP £5.50), alongside artisan Espresso Beans and Espresso Ground Coffee (RRP £5.50 per 200g pack).

The Nespresso-compatible capsules consist of specialty coffees that are roasted to highlight their intrinsic qualities imparted by different growing regions, varietals and processing methods.

According to the company, this is the first time ever a UK supermarket has stocked ‘third wave’ specialty coffee Nespresso compatible capsules. “It’s been our mission to redefine the standard of consumer coffee since we launched three years ago. We see this launch as our first major step in achieving this. The Nespresso brew technology is really successful for specialty coffee and it opens the door to millions of potential home users,” says Will Little, owner and founder of Roastworks.

“We’ve dedicated the last year to creating what we think are the perfect Nespresso-compatible capsules — ones that really highlight what makes specialty coffee special. We are excited that Waitrose is supporting our efforts and they’re the first supermarket in the whole of the UK to stock specialty Nespresso compatible capsules.”

Roastworks was founded three years ago by husband and wife team, Will and Caroline Little, who believe specialty coffee should to be accessible to everyone. The independent coffee company roasts all its coffees on a vintage German drum roaster and as part of the ‘third wave’ coffee movement, encourages people to view coffee as an artisan ingredient, much like wine.

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