Diedrich Roasters and Firedancer Coffee Consultants Announce a New Partnership

Diedrich Roasters has partnered with Firedancer Coffee Consultants to be their premier training facility partner in the Midwest United States. Since the Firedancer relaunch in 2017, the training facility now features a comprehensive range of sample roasting, manual and automatic brewing courses, utilizing Mahlkoenig grinders – laboratory equipment for cupping, brewing, colour analyzer, density meter, etc. The Diedrich IR-5 is included in our lineup of Roasting equipment.

“This is not a replacement for our seminars at our headquarters in Ponderay, Idaho. This enhances our deep commitment to the highest quality training and education to the coffee industry,” says Mike Paquin, Diedrich’s president.

Firedancer has a unique position in the Midwest as it offers a team of fully-licensed “AST” trainers (Authorized Specialty Coffee Trainers). The AST curriculum is the “official” accredited program for the global coffee industry. Firedancer’s lead trainer and founder Mike Ebert, is a founding member of the Roasters Guild and its first chair. Mike has over 30 years of experience in the coffee industry.

“We are excited to be partnering with Diedrich, a world class manufacturer of roasters. We look forward to assisting individuals on their coffee journey,” says Mike Ebert, Firedancer’s founder.

Every month, Firedancer offers one-day foundation and three-day roasting intermediate courses. Quarterly, it also offers a four-day roaster professional course, the most intensive and comprehensive roasting course in the industry. In addition, they offer regular green coffee, sensory (cupping), brewing and barista classes; along with a regular series of advanced coffee business classes. View the class schedule at www.firedancercoffee.com.

From coffee shops to large-scale commercial production, Diedrich Roaster’s full spectrum product line enables roasters big and small to craft the perfect cup of coffee. For more information, visit: http://diedrichroasters.com.

Firedancer Coffee Consultants was founded to assist specialty coffee companies to achieve success. Its staff has experience in all facets of the specialty coffee supply chain and helps to guide clients to a new level of success. Its services include market planning and analysis, management consulting and business strategies, food safety implementation, environmental solutions and a wide range of other services and support to foster growth and business sustainability for all market segments within the coffee community. To learn more, visit: www.firedancer.com.

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