Probat Inc Acquires ED Industrial Ltd and ED Industrial USA Inc

Probat Inc, a subsidiary of the Probat Group, has acquired ED Industrial Ltd and ED Industrial USA, Inc, effective 13 January.

Based in Vernon Hills, a suburb north of Chicago, Illinois, the 150-plus year old Probat provides the most prestigious coffee companies in North America with the roasters, grinders, coffee process equipment and controls needed to prepare their signature blends. Probat has the largest staff in North America dedicated to coffee roasting technology and offers both global reach and highly responsive local support.

The acquisition of ED Industrial further expands Probat’s ability to provide the highest level of plant installation services and equipment repair and maintenance to coffee customers in North America. ED Industrial Ltd and ED Industrial USA Inc are Canadian millwrighting and heavy steel fabrication companies working in the food and beverage industry, and specializing in coffee processing, as well as in building products, metal refineries, recycling, aggregates, concrete, bulk material handling and more.  Located in Rockwood, Ontario, slightly northwest of Toronto, these companies employ highly experienced tradespeople including millwrights, CWB and TSSA certified welders, machinists, pipe fitters, CAD designers and engineers.

According to John Fortin, president of Probat Inc, the acquisition was inspired by similar strategic goals for all parties. “Acquiring EDI,” Fortin explained, “opens up new prospects for Probat to grow our service business in coffee and non-coffee industries throughout North America. The acquisition of EDI gives Probat the opportunity to offer full turnkey solutions made up of equipment sales, plant installation service and post-sales equipment service support to our customer base in North America,” he said. “This acquisition significantly enhances the power of our customer presentation across all of our product lines and services, allowing us to better serve our market.”

For Ted Lyons founder and president of EDI Ltd and EDI USA Inc, the acquisition represents a unique opportunity to join forces with a global leader in the coffee processing industry. “Working with Probat,” Lyons said, “we can leverage the strength of our industry expertise to expand our customer base and achieve a new level of success.”

“EDI and Probat,” Fortin said, “recognize that there is an increased need to provide turnkey solutions for manufactured food and beverage processing systems within the North American market. With EDI onboard, Probat will be able to meet – and even exceed – this demand. We’ll be able to provide enhanced service solutions, as well as expanded technical capabilities for customer service and support whenever it’s needed.”

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