Pact Coffee aligns with Mail Train Media to reach increasing number of stay-at-home consumers

UK ethical coffee company Pact Coffee is set to mount a series of targeted insert advertising campaigns with Mail Train Media—the personalised direct advertising solution launched by Scotts & Co, one of the UK’s biggest mail order catalogue retailers.

With new consumer behaviour and work patterns emerging as a result of the pandemic, Pact Coffee ( was seeking an innovative and creative way to engage with the increasing number of stay-at-home and work-from-home consumers in the ‘new normal’ of 2021.

Through carefully tested inserts in high-volume mailings for Scotts & Co’s biggest mail order catalogue titles, Mail Train Media will enable Pact Coffee to reach millions of named individuals who already have a track record of purchasing direct by mail for home delivery.

Tom Hurst, Pact Coffee’s senior offline growth manager, said: “We always keep a close eye on the numbers and adjust our approach as necessary depending on the lifestyle needs of our customers. With more people working from home than ever before, it has really helped drive the D2C side of our business. Whilst B2B numbers have taken a hit, the growth we’ve seen in D2C has really helped mitigate this.”

He added: “By aligning our messaging with Mail Train Media, we hope to reach and inform new customers in a convenient way for them, in the comfort of their own home.”

Pact Coffee was founded in 2012 with a mission to change how people think about coffee. Offering a “direct to your door” coffee experience, the company recognised the potential benefits of Mail Train Media’s ability to put physical advertising messages directly into the hands of direct mail-responsive consumers in their own home.

“Reaching consumers in this way is very important as it gives them the opportunity and time to fully consider and think about the advertising that they read and see,” explained Hurst. “We hope that this gives them the time to learn about and consider whether our product and service is right for them.”

With Mail Train Media lining up more than 35 million personalised mailings this year, it also guarantees fast scalability to support Pact Coffee’s ongoing direct-to-consumer marketing needs.

Pact’s Tom Hurst said: “Advertising via mailings requires constant testing and evaluation to make sure that we are communicating as effectively as we can be. If you can communicate effectively in this area, the scalability of the volume available brings huge potential.”

The easy scalability of Mail Train Media’s regular mailings gives brands the flexibility to expand their direct advertising from a test mailing of 50,000 inserts to a two million-plus insert campaign within only eight weeks.

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