IMA Coffee – Innovation at a glance at HOST 2021

Inventing cutting-edge technology is a difficult task. It cannot rely solely on current market trends but must look to where the market is forecast to grow in order to guide the evolution and development of technology.

Within the IMA Coffee Hub, IMA Coffee Packaging and IMA Coffee Petroncini design and manufacture machines for coffee processing and packaging. In this sector, it is particularly important to constantly evolve, which the brand does thanks to its top engineers, organisational know-how and strong market overview.

IMA Coffee will be releasing its newest batch of innovations at HOST 2021:

  • The CO-Tube Degassing System
  • The SR SMART Series capsule packaging machine
  • The C-900 capsule cartoning machine

Alongside the innovations, the timeless quality of a product. A Petroncini TTA120 Traditional roaster will also be on show – confirming how possible it can be to continuously overcome the state-of-the-art of a traditional drum roasting machine without forgetting the classic style.

IMA Coffee will showcase its new solutions in HALL 22 – Booth #L16/M15 – L26/M25.


CO-Tube – The next-generation Degassing System

Degassing is a natural chemical reaction that happens inside the beans once ground. Preventing package inflation and avoiding coffee oxidation are the main factors that have led to the spread of degassing technologies over recent years, especially in the single-serve market.

The new degassing system CO-Tube was designed last year, and is what Nicola Panzani, CEO of IMA Coffee Petroncini and Sales Director at IMA Coffee, describes as a “strong evolution” of existing solutions.

IMA Coffee Petroncini has developed CO-Tube, a system capable of accelerating the degassing time with a nitrogen (N2) injection, in a deep vacuum environment at -800 mbar. A closed-handling system almost allows zero-oxygen process conditions making it unique on the market. The oxygen does not enter in contact with the product, so as to guarantee the maximum aroma preservation with a significant impact on the product shelf-life.

As a result of the closed-circuit adopted, CO-Tube is the only system available on the market today able to partially recover the nitrogen needed during the process. A nitrogen closed circuit reduces the quantity of nitrogen dispersed in the environment with significant savings in terms of inert gas to be added to continue the process, so as to have a nearly-free-from-gas working area and environment as a consequence. Furthermore, this specific process engineering enables the temperature control of the gas so as to maintain the temperature stable inside the system, despite the environmental temperature. As a result of the gas temperature modulation, it is possible to customise the degassing times, recipe by recipe.

The recirculation of the product is another innovation of CO-Tube, compared to other existing systems. It enables the ground coffee to homogeneously make contact with the nitrogen from the top to bottom of the silo. The recirculation the coffee is done by controlling the gas temperature, avoiding product overheating. This process results in a further acceleration of the degassing time.

A superior consistency of the product completes the CoTube advantages. The final high-quality product is guaranteed by piping and extraction systems designed to ensure the particles distribution preservation, which is a key factor to ensure that the capsule produces a quality brew.


SR SMART Series – versatile and flexible last generation capsule filling and sealing machines

The SR SMART Series is a range of versatile and flexible last generation machines, equipped for the filling and sealing of capsules on 1 and 2 lanes. The unique ergonomic cantilever design assures great accessibility for maintenance, service and easy cleaning; furthermore, the pullout operating system significantly reduces line downtimes resulting

in a great efficiency increase. Lid and waste reels are placed outside the machine, reducing downtime.

Thanks to a very fast size changeover and to an integrated double feeding system, for bulk and stacked capsules, the SR SMART Series can handle any type of capsule in plastic, aluminum and compostable material. Capsules can be closed at the top with aluminum film, micro perforated, filter paper, triplex coupled, PP and compostable lid. Filters and diaphragms can be inserted into capsules and on their bottom. According to the machine configuration, speed can vary from 60 to 120 capsules per minute.

Key attributes of the solutions developed by IMA ensure significant flexibility enabling a fast response to diverse market requirements:

  • All SR SMART Series models can handle any capsule type available on the market, whatever material it is made of:
  • Aluminium – Plastic – Compostable
  • Capsules can be fed in bulk by means of an unscrambler or stacked through a denester, guaranteeing a delicate handling for aluminum capsules for example.
  • The SR SMART Series can be equipped with dedicated dosers to handle coffee, tea leaves and soluble powders.


C-900 New high speed capsule cartoning machine

IMA Coffee will be releasing at HOST its new C-900 capsule cartoning machine.

The new capsule cartoner C-900 represents an excellent choice as a turnkey solution combined with IMA high speed capsule filling machines. The cartoner can handle any type of capsule available on the market, in plastic, aluminum, recyclable and compostable material.

The C-900 can pack capsules in a wide range of sizes and carton configurations. To ensure capsule stability and integrity, the cartoner allows the insertion of interlayers and/or inlays according to customers requirements.

The capsule transfer feeding system is equipped with a buffer and capsules recirculation unit and guarantees extremely gentle handling, avoiding capsules damaging. Capsules are fed in a bucket chain and transferred by a pick & place system equipped with gripper-suction cup type units able to respond to any desired configuration.

According to required machine speed and carton capacity, the C-900 can be completed with a single or double flat blank carton magazine.


TTA120 Traditional roaster

On show at HOST also a TTA120 traditional roaster with the new roasting control Opera30.

The Petroncini TTA 120 has a traditional and elegant architecture. The heat generator unit is positioned into the steel insulated chamber and, thanks to its advanced technology, allows a perfect roasting control, optimizing the thermal efficiency and the roasting air quality. The drum placed into the roaster body is completely insulated to have a reduced heat release to the ambient and a better control of the flow. This machine is the right choice for roaster looking for gourmet coffee and traditional roasting profiles.

The TTA 120 traditional roaster configuration enables to carry out either a time-temperature or a temperature-to-temperature curve of roasting. Thus, OPERA 30, the TTA roasting control, allows to choose to roast by time or by temperature, customising up to 30 steps of roasting. OPERA 30 includes the ROASTING MANAGER App, for the recipe and roast deep analysis.

IMA Coffee HUB

IMA Coffee Hub is the broadest technical and commercial organisation serving the coffee processing and packaging industry today

Able to ensure market-leading competences, industry experience and application-specific know-how encompassing all stages of coffee handling, processing and packaging, through its brands IMA Coffee Petroncini, IMA Coffee Packaging and IMA BFB, IMA has created the hub in an aim to leverage expertise at every step of coffee processing or packaging and be the one-stop answer to large and small coffee producers worldwide.

The coffee you want, the process you need., the packaging you desire, the service you wish for.

IMA Coffee Hub is the one-stop supplier delivering comprehensive experience,

technology and reliability from beans reception to end of line, matching all the most demanding process, packaging and service requirements with regard to coffee production.

The advantages of speaking to one single supplier are numerous. Synergies come into play, timing issues are easier to coordinate, everyone you speak to is focused on your key objectives, and consistent quality and shared knowledge are guaranteed. IMA Coffee Hub is the ideal starting point from where you will reach your destination. This is precisely the benefit the coffee industry obtains from IMA: just one supplier, already coordinated from within.

The Plant you dream of.

Visitors are welcome to discover a 360° Virtual Plant showcasing IMA’s potential complete offer. An inside tour in a comprehensive plant will turn visitors’ ideas into reality.

IMA Coffee will showcase its new solutions in HALL 22 – Booth #L16/M15 – L26/M25.

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