Teas of the World International Contest AVPA-Paris 2021

Date: 15 September 2021



Website: https://www.avpa.fr/thes-en

The AVPA Tea Contest is unique in its kind, based on gastronomic rather than standardized refereeing, seeking a striking rather than consensual sensory profile. This is the first time that an independent body in a consumer country promotes the good practices of production and trade actors.

The tea market is expected to grow steadily over the years, as the purchasing power increases in producing countries where tea is seen more and more as a consumer product. On the side of consumer countries, it is the health-related interest of tea that boosts sales.

In spite of this global enthusiasm, the majority of tea consumers buys teabags from supermarkets. It becomes critical to show trade professionals and the general public alike that tea holds a genuine gastronomic value. To reward the quality of producers’ work helps sustain a future that depends on many issues. For classic origins (China, India…) as well as new ones (Africa, South-East Asia…), the Contest thus gives an equal opportunity to all producers by providing them with an additional marketing asset to enhance their work.

The “Teas of the World” contest is organised in two very distinct parts:

I- Monovarietal teas (Camellia sinensis) whose jury is chaired by Lydia Gautier, International Expert, and recognised Tea Editor.

II- Infusions (infusion plants other than Camellia Sinensis), blends and flavoured teas, the jury of which is chaired by Carine Baudry, Expert in sensory analysis and founder of Quintessence.


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