Bhutan, Natural and Fine Products from the Himalayas

Date: 16 December 2021


A small country nestled deep in the Himalayas between India and China, Bhutan is characterised by steep mountains and deep valleys, which led to scattered population settlement patterns. The country is known for its unique philosophy – Gross National Happiness (GNH) – which guides its development strategy.

Thanks to the fantastic environment and culture, food products are strongly linked with the essence of Gross National Happiness through the creation of value for farmers, provide natural products to consumers, and respect natural resources in Bhutan.

Natural products: Some of the products are already organic certified under Bhutanese standards aligned with IFOAM and Bhutan objective to become the first 100% organic country. High Himalayan environment makes products natural

Fairness: Products are selected by enterprises who work closely with farmers and provide fair price to suppliers

Quality and flavour: Enterprises are certified by BAFRA (Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority) and are establishing HACCP principles. Enterprises select the best quality with the best flavour to propose the best from Bhutan

This session is supported by EU funded – Bhutan Trade Support Project and implemented by International Trade Centre. It aims to diversify exports by improving the national trade and investment regulatory framework and increase exports of horticulture products and textile handicrafts.

The 1-hour panel discussion will address:

  • Why Bhutan is a unique origin of natural and fine products
  • Present Organic programme and practices in Bhutan: the objective to be 100% organic with pragmatic approach and practices
  • Present social enterprises and their products exported in the region: social and environmental values for high-quality products
  • Sharing experience of importing from Bhutan in Japan: opportunities, challenges and success story about Matsutake, honey and chilies
  • Singapore market opportunities – fine and organic segments

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