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Community Coffee is Now Available through QVC

Community Coffee Company, the largest family-owned and operated coffee brand in the United States, has announced that its coffee is now available for purchase on QVC.com.

Posted 19 December 2017

Coffee That’s Saving the Sumatran Orangutan

Every hour, areas of tropical rainforest the size of 88 football pitches are cleared to make way for palm oil and other intensive forms of industrial agriculture – threatening the existence of native orangutans and farmers alike. But the Orang Utan Coffee Project is fighting back.

Posted 13 December 2017

Hoogly Tea Expands Luxury Hotel Partnerships

The Alexander House Hotel & Utopia Spa is the newest luxury hotel in the UK to take on the Danish concept of hygge – loosely translated as a year-round feeling of warmth, well-being and cosiness – and make it part of its daily offering.

Posted 12 December 2017

Starbucks Introduces Christmas Tree Frappuccino Blended Beverage

As tree lots pop up on every corner and the scent of evergreen wafts in the air, the holiday decorating and celebrating season is in full swing, starting today – 7 December – and available for only a limited time Starbucks is offering the new Christmas Tree Frappuccino blended beverage.

Posted 7 December 2017