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Describing Descriptions Part II

Part I in this series explained the concept of TRUE descriptions, which stand for: Trustworthy, Realistic, Understandable, and Enticing. Part II outlines aroma and taste descriptors.

Posted 21 September 2018

Awakening the World to Colombian Orthodox Tea

Through producing tea in a country long respected for its coffee, the family-owned company, Agricolahimalaya, aims to raise the profile of Colombian orthodox tea.

Posted 12 September 2018

Describing Descriptions Part I

When communicating the virtues of coffee, descriptions must be accurate, lacking in ambiguity and hyperbole, to be easily understood. The first of a two-part series on coffee descriptors, explores creating TRUE coffee descriptions.

Posted 3 August 2018

Teapigs Is One Steep Ahead of the Crowd

While aiming to become the world’s greenest tea company, Teapigs is also on a mission to improve the tea experience for consumers around the world by focusing on simplicity, sustainability and ethical sourcing.

Posted 12 July 2018

Commodity Teas versus Origin and Specialty Teas

Tea is the world’s number one hot cup; with a highly integrated value chain and multinational companies dominating the Western markets. A large volume share of tea is traded as commodity.

Posted 26 June 2018