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Welcome to UKERS' Directory & Buyers’ Guide - the most comprehensive listing of tea and coffee businesses in the world!

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However, if your company’s address has been changed since the last publication of Ukers’, please fill it out below AT ANY TIME so that we can send you your editorial proof.

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1) COFFEE...
Coffee Agent/Broker
Coffee Association/ Organization
Coffee Exporter
Coffee Importer
Coffee Roaster
Coffee Decaf Processor
Soluble Coffee Manufacturer
Specialty Coffee Importer
Specialty Coffee Roaster

2) TEA...

Tea Agent/Broker
Tea Association/ Organization
Tea Exporter
Tea Importer
Tea Packer
Tea Decaf Processor
Soluble Tea Manufacturer
Specialty Tea Importer
Specialty Tea Packer

(Choose the supplies and/or services you provide below)

Note: There is a limit of 10 FREE category listings in the
Supplies & Services Section.

For each additional listing (over 10), there is a charge of US $20. Please send a check payable to Lockwood Trade Journal Co., Inc. (along with your choice of listings). Selections in excess of 10 categories will not appear in the directory unless accompanied by a check or advertisement insertion order.

Those who advertise in the 2011 Edition of Ukers’ are entitled to an UNLIMITED NUMBER OF FREE LISTINGS.

SUPPLIES & SERVICES... (please check off up to 10 categories)
Accountant & Accounting Systems
Agricultural Chemicals
Agricultural Equipment & Machinery
Air Filters
Automatic Controls
Automatic Espresso Machines
Bag Emptier
Bag Formers/Fillers/Sealers
Bag Making Machines
Bags & Packaging Film Supplies
Bags (Burlap, Cotton, Liners)
Bags (Brick Packs)
Bags (Flexible)
Bags (Valve Packs)
Bin Silo Systems & Storage
Bin Vibrators
Blended Iced Drink Mixes
Blending & Mixing Equipment (Coffee)
Blending & Mixing Equipment (Tea)
Botanical Raw Materials
Brewer Cleaners
Brewers (Coin-operated)
Brewers (Iced Tea)
Brewers (Tea)
Brewing Devices (Urns & Coffeemakers)
Bubble Tea
Bulk Silo Services (Green Coffee)
Caffeine Analyzers/ Refiners
Can Fillers/Packers & Closers
Cappuccino Mixes
Cargo Liner Systems 
Cargo Logistics
Carton Machines
(Folding, Lining, Filling, Closing) Carton Overwraps Carts/Kiosks/Drive-thrus Chai Checkweighers Chicory Chocolate Cleaners (Green Coffee) Coffee Decaf Processor Coffee Extract Coffee Filters Coffee Plantation Machinery Coffee Roasting (Private Label) Coffee Training Coffee Warmers Colorimeters Commodity Futures Traders Computer Systems Consultants Consultants (Coffee, Chemists, Soluble) Consultants (Marketing) Consultants (Specialty Coffee) Consultants (Tea) Container Liners Contract Packing (Coffee) Contract Packing (Tea) Conveying Equipment
(Elevators, Machiners, & Buckets) Conveyor Belts Co-packers (Coffee) Co-packers (Tea) Creamers Cupping Equipment Cups Cups/Overwraps Cutters (Tea) Decanters/ Carafes for Coffeemakers Degassing Valves De-Mucilaging Coffee Parchment Destoners Dispensers (Tea and/or Coffee) Dispensing Equipment Display Units Distributors Double Chamber Teabag with String & Tag Dryers & Feeders Dryers (Continuous) Engineering and Development Services Espresso Cups Espresso Machine Accessories Espresso Machine Cleaners Espresso Machine Parts Espresso Machines Espresso Pods Faucets Filters (Cloth, Cotton) Filters (Gold Tone/ Permanent) Filters (Paper) Filtration Equipment Flavors Flexographic Label Printers Foil Laminates Freeze Concentration Equipment Freeze-Drying (Industrial) Freight Forwarding & Trucking Fumigation Graders (Automatic & Pneumatic) Granita Machines
Grinders (Industrial)
Grinders (Restaurant & Gourmet)
Herbal and Fruit Teas
Herbs & Spices
Hulling Equipment
Iced Tea Mix & Liquid Concentrate
Inspection Services
Insurance Underwriters
Jars (Glass)
Labeling Machines,
Label Applicators, Jar Unscramblers Labels Loose Tea Machinery Installation & Repair Magnetic Separators Manual Coffee Preparation Products Mate Metal Detectors Moisture Analyzers Office Coffee Systems Online Information Services Overwrappers (Coffee and Tea) Oxygen Generators Package Handling - Conveying Hardware Packaging Packaging (Flexible) Packaging Machines Packaging - Rigid Containers Pharmaceutical and Herbal Extracts Photography Pollution Control Equipment Port Authorities Portioning Equipment Pouch (Fractional) Pouch Machines Pouch Materials (Laminates, Paper, Films) Pulpers Pumps Pyramid Tea Bags Pyramid Teabag Machine Quality Control (Tea Blends) Quality Control Instruments Ready-To-Drink (Coffee) Ready-To-Drink (Tea) Reclaiming Machinery Reconditioners Repair Services Roasting Machines Roasting Machines (Sample) Roasting Machines (Small Batch) Rooibos Salvors Samplers & Weighers Scales (Computer, Counter, Net Weight) Shrink Wrap Machines Sifters Silo Installations Smoke Control Equipment & Afterburners Software Soluble Coffee Plant Design Sorting Machines (Color Sorting) Sprayers/Foggers Steamship Agents & Lines Store Design Services Sweeteners Syrups Tamper-evident Bands Tea Canisters Tea Chests/Paper Sacks Tea Concentrates (Liquid) Tea Extracts (Freeze-Concentrated) Tea Factory Equipment Tea Filters Tea Filter Nylon Tea Filter Papers Tea/Tisane Filters Tea Pods Teapots/Tea Kettles Tea Sacks Teabag Machinery Teabag Paper Teabag Tags (Printing) Teabag Tags & String Teabag Tape Teabag Wire Teabag Machinery Teabag/Tisane Paper Tear Tapes & Dispensers Tin Packaging Tisanes Transportation Used Equipment Dealers Vacuum Packaging (Leak Testing) Vacuum Packaging Liners Vacuum Seamers for Cans Valve Applications Vending Machines (Coffee) Water Technologies Warehousing Weather Consultants Wrapping Machines

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