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These are all the posts that have been tagged with India.

The Art of Tea Tasting & Blending

Tea tasting and tea blending are a combination of knowledge and artful skills. Highly sensitive sensorial capacities and years of training are required before mastering the art of tea tasting and blending the various teas for creating or maintaining quality cup profiles. By Barbara Dufrêne.

July/August 2016

Spotlight: South America; Polyphenols; Yerba mate; Single serve, Logistics/warehouse; Sorting equipment, Special Report: Brazil Part 3, Bonus Show Distribution: PCCA Convention; N.A. Tea Conference; Expo Especiales Latin American Special Edition

Detox tea range launched

Consumer brand Awesome! has launched its first detox tea range after identifying consumer’s desire to lose weight naturally.

June 2017

Spotlight: Eastern Europe, Guarana; Single Serve; Soluble Coffee; Packaging, Roasting/Grinding/Processing, Origin Highlight: India (Tea), Profile: TBA, Bonus Show Distribution: SCAE World of Coffee; World Tea Expo  

July/August 2017

Spotlight: Small-Holder Farmers, RTD Tea; Decaf Coffee; Cold Brew Coffee,

July/August 2015

Behind the certification curtain Decaf: committed to quality Adaptation of single serve methods Special report: India part III Origin highlight: India (tea)  

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