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Sustainable Packaging: How Far Have We Come?

Packaging must–first and foremost–protect the product inside. However, consumers today want packaging that is more environmentally friendly. Sustainability in packaging is a complex issue where the needs and demands of consumers are not always aligned with manufacturing and recycling recycling facilities.

Posted 9 August 2016

Trouble Brews for the British Tea Time

Volume sales of tea have declined by 22 percent over the last five years. And it seems the troubled beverage is none other than the Britain’s long-time favorite, the standard cup of black tea. The declines are being offset by increases in green, fruit and herbal tea sales.

Posted 24 June 2016

Three Key Insights for Coffee Shops in 2016

Both 2015 and 2016 thus far have been dynamic times for global specialist coffee shops, with consistently growing demand for modern café experiences driving rapid innovation and growing competition in the category all over the world.

Posted 6 May 2016

Cold Brew Tea Is Hot

Cold brew is the “hot” trend in both coffee and tea, but it’s more than just ease of preparation that makes this style so popular. The improved smoothness and lack of astringency and bitterness often found in hot tea create a fresher flavor.

Posted 6 May 2016

Through Chagusaba, Japan Connects with the Earth

Although well regarded as a leader in agricultural technology, Japan still practices a sensory-focused, labour intensive traditional tea grass integrated process known as chagusaba.

Posted 6 May 2016