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Editor’s blog

Growing Desire for Functional Coffee

As spring rolls in (although almost unnoticed given the number of snowstorms in the US on the actual first day of spring), consumers start thinking about “form and function.”

Posted 29 March 2018

Tea’s “Cheesy” New Topping

While not an avid tea drinker, I am a purist – I do not add any milk or sugar to my tea – nor do I like boba (bubble) teas so learning about the latest tea trend – cheese teas – caused me to cringe.

Posted 1 March 2018

Coffee, The New Romantic Gift?

As I am writing this on Valentine’s Day – the holiday of love and romance – I’m reminded of an unusual, yet fascinating study on global coffee and travel habits of frequent travellers.

Posted 15 February 2018

Twists on Traditional Afternoon Teas

I previously mentioned that I started the new year in New Orleans. While in the city, one of my favourite things to do is have afternoon tea at Le Salon at the Windsor Court Hotel, particularly during the Christmas holidays when it is festively decorated.

Posted 2 February 2018

Not Such a Winter Wonderland This Year…

I love wintertime — the cold and snow (but not the wind), wearing my ridiculously warm hat, boots, colourful scarves, and a coat that makes me look like an Eskimo or the Michelin woman, as well as the excuse to over use my French Press making coffee all day long.

Posted 19 January 2018

Coffee Fuels Fitness (Yeah!)

I am still in “holiday” mode (hence my holiday-themed headshot) because as I write this, Christmas decorations are still ubiquitous in my current – albeit temporary – suburban location.

Posted 5 January 2018

The Joy (and Key Tactic) of the Season Is…Sampling

Christmastime is my favourite time of year, and it has nothing to do with gifts. The chill in the air, the lights and decorations, the holiday pop-up stores, the many seasonal events, and of course, the food and festive beverages, I enjoy it all!

Posted 14 December 2017

Deferment Policy Creates Disappointment and Uncertainty

I was going to discuss aspects of Sintercafé (9-12 November), this week as I have just returned, but during the conference the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) released its long-awaited decision regarding the World Championships in Dubai in 2018.

Posted 15 November 2017

An Educating and Enlightening Experience in Brazil

I know in my previous blog I said I would discuss Host Milan in my next blog, but I’ll have to cover it another time as I must talk about my recent trip – my first – to Brazil.

Posted 2 November 2017

Coffee, Coffee and More Coffee!

I stopped eating pasta and cheese for several weeks – quite torturous – in preparation for over-indulging while in Italy for Host Milan.

Posted 24 October 2017

Celebrating Autumn

I am starting to write this column en route to New York from Singapore (trying to be productive during the 23-hour flight), which played host to this year’s Tea & Coffee World Cup.

Posted 5 October 2017

Tea’s Position and Potential Remain Strong

I do not usually drink iced tea. However, after walking into a quick casual restaurant the other day—another steamy, summer day—the imagery for the “Famous Iced Tea” was so appealing, I had to try a glass.

Posted 7 September 2017