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The 14th Tea & Coffee World Cup is shaping up to be the industry event of the year. Taking place in one of Europe's most centrally located cities, can you afford not to go?

We all know these are difficult times. Consolidations, buy-outs and closures seem to be the norm. But overall, the tea and coffee industries are fortunate. Whether it be part of people's culture, morning rituals or afternoon routine, coffee and tea are seemingly recession-proof.

However, it is still important, as a member of the trade, to adapt to the financial climate and expand business possibilities. One of the most effective ways of accomplishing these goals is attending trade shows and exhibitions, such as the Tea & Coffee World Cup Vienna. This event will bring together tea and coffee professionals from all areas of the world to meet, exchange ideas and discover new trends.

Tea & Coffee World Cup is being held April 25-27, 2010 in Vienna, Austria. The current exhibitor list reads like a who's who of the coffee and tea worlds. For visitors, they will be able to converse with prospective and/or current suppliers, get a first-hand look at new machines, products and innovations and scope out some of the best products the field has to offer. With so many vendors in one place, attending the Tea & Coffee World Cup is the ideal way to do business in a convenient and professional environment. If you're looking for a new roaster or tea-packing machine that will cut down on energy costs, World Cup will have your options. If you're wanting to build relationships with producers, importers/exporters and distributors... World Cup will have them all in one place. Stay on the cutting edge of the industry, make sure your company is visible and recognizable and attain international contacts.

Tea & Coffee World Cup will also be held adjacent to Alles Fur Den Gast Wien, a large, international Hotel / Restaurant / Catering show. The shows will perfectly complement each other and will add value to the overall experience.

For exhibitors, Tea & Coffee World Cup Vienna is an affordable solution for business abroad. Save costs on sales trips and various international travel. Exhibiting in Vienna will provide access to companies from over 80 countries, walking the trade show floor for the purpose of building new relationships. See all of your clients in one place. For machinery manufacturers, take advantage of the ability to have your machines up and running on the show floor - an opportunity to give demonstrations, hands-on training and interactive presentations to thousands of visitors over the course of the 3-day event. Importers and exporters can meet potential clients, engage in valuable conversations lending insight as to what products are being well-received and visit with producers searching for distribution. Display new products, show involvement in the tea and coffee community and reinforce your company's international presence all in Vienna.

For both visitors and exhibitors, the symposium schedule and special events are just other major "perk" of the event. Visitors and exhibitors can attend panel discussions on certification and sustainability, learning the differences, similarities and processes for your company to consider. Discussions led by Rainforest Alliance and 4C, to name a few, will bring to light the importance of philanthropic and environmentally and socially conscious coffee buying decisions. Relevant and timely topics such as "Trust in Product Safety," given by Arne Stuehmer of Gebruder Wollenhaupt and "Effects of the Economic Crisis on the Tea Trade," by Kalle Greiger of Halssen & Lyon, will be an effective way of improving your business practices and planning for the future. Coffee & Tea Russia will be giving presentations on both tea and coffee...supplying a "users guide" to the otherwise mysterious market. More events will be added frequently, so check the website, www.tcworldcup.com/vienna for updated information.

Aside from symposiums providing information that cannot be found elsewhere, Tea & Coffee World Cup Vienna will be incorporating some of the tea and coffee trade's most exciting aspects into its 3-day schedule. The Tea Board of India Tea Auction will be taking place on-site, a rare opportunity for tea professionals to participate and experience. Buyers from around the world can gather in Vienna for a full catalogue of some of the best Indian teas available. A hands-on roasting workshop, sponsored by Diedrich Manufacturing, will be taking place during the exhibition, allowing roasters from around the world to receive training on numerous machines and perfect their craft. Networking events, a sales presentation area, tea tastings and coffee cuppings are just a few other features of World Cup that visitors and exhibitors alike can take advantage of.

See you in Vienna!

Tea & Coffee - December, 2009

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