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S E L E C T E D   O N L I N E   F E A T U R E S
16 Coffee - An Endangered Species?
By Richard Tugume Tulyahikayo

20 An Easier Way to Get Coffee: Single Serve
By Scott Mazzini

24 Brand Coaches:
Baristas to the Rescue... Again!
Moving from Order Takers to Profit Makers

By Lon L. LaFlamme & David J. Morris

28 Abaca - The Natural Raw Material
for Beverage Filtration Papers

By Keith S. Webb

Spotlight Feature: Coffee
30 Small Portions - Big Demands
The booming market and increasing competition in the area of coffee preparation using the single-serve system not only exacts higher demands on quality but also the efficiency of the manufacturing process. Even the smallest qualitative variations can have a strong impact on the taste of individual portions.
By Thomas Koziorowski

34 Uniquely UNIC
By Jonathan Bell

Trade Show Preview:
38 Tea & Coffee World Cup -
Better Business in Vienna

The 14th Tea & Coffee World Cup is shaping up to be the industry event of the year. Taking place in one of Europe's most centrally located cities, can you afford not to go?
Staff Report

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