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My Observations for 2007

Transparency - This new fancy word is now being used for origins or accountability. Decades ago, roasters were touting specific estates and origins but now the new marketing buzz is stating transparency’s the way to go with origins…Check the origin, the country, the estate, the row of plants, the plant on the left…. I guess it’s a good thing but who’s paying for all this? Is it the consumer that been buying lattes for $3.00+? And that’s the cheap price.

Coffee Bars/Shops - A specialty coffee bar, The Kookaburra Coffee Company, opened in my town of Rockville Centre in Long Island. The coffee bar is located three stores away from Dunkin Donuts. When the company built the shop, people asked if they realized Dunkin Donuts was on the corner. They replied,” No problem; we’re different!” Well that shop has been around for over a year now and has been growing steadily in popularity. And Dunkin, they still have a line of people waiting for their morning coffee. So I guess there’s room for all of them.

Starbucks in on another street just five blocks away. Speaking of Starbucks, my daughter, Katie had a college interview at the local Starbucks. College alumnus sat, chatted with her for five minutes, purchased no coffee and were not shooed away. Going into a coffee shop isn’t only about the coffee anymore. He community appeal is drawing people in.

Baristas - They’re young, handsome, pretty, and competing in tournaments globally. Such camaraderie, such passion, such exuberance…I never saw bartenders this excited. Heck I’ve never seen any food profession really excited as baristas. They certainly bring entertainment to the industry. What a wonderful thing!

Coffee Prices - Farmers are nervous. Prices are still too low for them Don’t forget our farmers. If quality disappears, we all lose.

Tea - Teabags are beautiful…nylon, silk-look, triangular, standing, or floppy. Some are works of art and the colors in tea are gorgeous. Flowery teas and tisanes are tantalizing the U.S. We’ve met more tea blenders, dealers and packers selling through the Internet. Don’t know how long they stay in business…but we’ll be watching.

Best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year.

Jane McCabe
Editor & Co-Publisher

Tea & Coffee - December, 2007

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