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The world of tea & coffee is sure venturing in many different venues, and uniting everything from cookies, holders, and t-shirts. What could possibly be next?

First Colony and Jack Daniel’s,
Blend Your Not So Average Drink

Can a cup of coffee ever be bold enough? This exclusive gift set collection, brought to you by First Colony and Jack Daniel’s, includes a sampling of four coffee selections that just might answer that question. Featuring a dark roasted Jack’s Blend, Old #7 Blend, Tennessee Mountain Blend and Oak Barrel Roast, this collection is inspired by the bold taste of Mr. Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. Jack Daniel’s Dark Roast coffee uses 100% Arabica beans, and does not contain flavoring or alcohol.

First Colony Coffee and Tea Company, 204-222 West 22nd Street, Norfolk, Virginia 23517. Web: www.firstcolonycoffee.com

Café La Semeuse’s Book Feature Debuts

Coffee these days can be found anywhere, and with chef and culinary journalist, Jay Weinstein’s new book, “The Ethical Gourmet,” it can now be found in a dish as well. The book, which focuses on foods and recipes that are both great tasting and environmentally/socially responsible, features Café La Semeuse’s recently introduced certified organic, fair trade coffee, Soleil Levant. Described as “twice blessed,” the coffee complements the other three, Café La Semeuse’s 100% Arabica coffees - Classique, Water Processed Decaf, and Espresso. For more than 20 years, this award-winning, Swiss roaster has earned credentials in the U.S. based on its signature roast, which yields a very full-flavored cup with no bitterness.

Café La Semeuse, 55 Nassau Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11222. Tel: +(1)(718) 387-9696, E-mail: info@yellowcoffee.com, Web: www.yellowcoffee.com.

NitroCream Ice Cream and Gelato

Eating ice cream can be quite the experience. Add that to the spectacle of a NitroCream’s N2-3000 Machine and you will have customers screaming for more. Using the latest in technology, this state of the art unit is designed to create any flavor combination of ice scream, yogurt, sorbet or gelato. Each individual serving is prepared once the customer decides on a flavor of ice cream.

NitroCream is designed to reduce waste, the amount of labor and preparation time, eliminate the use of multiple pieces of equipment, and constantly produce a fresh ice cream dessert. The unit not only tries to make the quickest and easiest ice cream preparation method out there, but also strives to bring a premium ice cream with superior taste and quality.

NitroCream LLC, P.O. Box 394, Rock Island, Washington 98850. Tel: +(1)(509) 293-5570, Fax: +(1)(509) 663-2821, E-mail: info@nitrocream.com, Web: www.nitrocream.com.

Just In Time With CDN!

Sometimes there’s a lot of guessing involved in food preparation, not to mention some not so functional methods of determining whether something is ready or not. Component Design Northwest (CDN) is making sure that food and drinks are constantly served fresh with their thermometers and timers. With loud alarms, last count recall and flexible mounting options, these digital timers are brilliantly designed and attuned to the fast-paced world of food service.

The three timers -- Freshness Timer (TF1), Fresh Food Timer (TF2), Freshness Timer (TF30) -- are compact and easy to use, and just in time to start the upcoming year right.

Component Design Northwest, P.O. Box 10947, Portland, Oregon 97296. Tel: +(1)(503) 225-0900, Fax: +(1)(503) 226-0924, E-mail: info@cdn-timeandtemp.com, Web: www.cdn-timeandtemp.com.

Tea & Coffee - December, 2006


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