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The Tea & Coffee World Cup 2005, Hamburg
More than Tea & Coffee Brewing on the Floor

Staff Report

Tea & Coffee Trade Journal’s 8th International World Cup in Hamburg proved to be another successful show. The staff reflects on three of the industry’s busiest days of 2005.

Despite rainy weather, Hamburg, Germany - home of one of the largest, most influential ports in Europe - was more than perfect for the Tea & Coffee World Cup, which took place from September 11th - 13th.

As a traditional, tea and coffee-drinking site, Hamburg is the most renowned location, and with attendance exceeding the previous shows (over 4,000), it’s no wonder more than half of the exhibitors and attendees agreed that it was the place to be. When asked about the feel of the show, one of the exhibitors eagerly boasted, “The best fair yet.”

The Hamburg Messe Exhibition Center was divided into two sections, with both halls fully decorated with over 230 exhibitors and their spruced up displays. Although there were some companies that settled for a simple look, others equipped their space with gadgets, such as television sets and entertaining tools. Probat, a roasting machine manufacturer from Germany, promoted some of their best and latest mid-sized roasters. Tea merchant, Hälssen & Lyon, implemented a certain distinction and flair onto their exhibit. The company constructed what appeared to be a simple bar, but really became a full-fledge tea saloon atop the original ground floor. Florapharm was also impressive, with their collection of tea leaves and blends, which infiltrated the entire hall with its aroma. An elaborate wooden bar enhanced G. Wollenhaupt’s display as attendees were treated to tea samples that were especially blended for the Show. Among these, there were other key players that were more than satisfied with the outcome of the show.

Trend and Style with Taste
The events accompanying the show also received much praise, due to their strong qualities and international participation. Cup of Excellence held a tasting with the produce of their winning lots, which originated from countries like Colombia and Nicaragua. Meanwhile, other visitors were treated to an authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony. Also, the European World Cup Latte Art and Barista Competitions, sponsored by CMA and Brasilia, were overcrowded with guests who anxiously watched as the young baristi formed their creations. The Symposiums, which included the usual Coffee and Tea, the Espresso Seminar, and the most recent addition, the Café/Bar Service, were also well attended. The tea event surpassed the expected capacity of delegates, and on the last day many were forced to stand and listen to the presentations.

Besides these features, there were other crucial factors in the making of the show, including the trends and styles that many of the companies introduced to the market. Syrups held a silent, yet booming presence. Mont Blanc presented the visitors with different flavorings for coffee, not to mention their portable packaged favorite, “Smart Syrup.” This product provided a clear solution for those desiring a different taste. Other companies that provided syrups, along with a variety of other services, were Market Grounds and Espresso Essentials, which fascinated visitors with their delicious brews of cappuccinos, lattes and smoothies.

Tea & Coffee World Cup will hold its Tea & Coffee World Cup Asia in Shanghai, China, September 26 - 28 of next year, and will return to Europe in 2007 in Geneva, Switzerland, June 3rd - 5th.

Tea & Coffee - December/January, 2006

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