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We recently had the pleasure of visiting with several coffee exporters from Costa Rica in our New York office recently. Heavy on their minds were concerns about protecting their nationís production and resources. The coffee pickers are leaving they lamented. Coffee producing areas are being transformed into tourist areas; young adults are headed for the city and no longer remaining on the farm. With current low prices, workers cannot always be paid. Migrant workers are imported to pick the crops and at times, the ready-to-be harvested crop, may actually rot. The farmers and exporters are proud of their quality and wish to keep Costa Ricaís coffee forefront in consumersí minds. They want their future protected. Editor Serena Norr talks about the 2006 Sintercafe Conference and the various farms she visited on page 22.

We spotlight the Dominican Republic, a small island that has been producing coffee since 1715. Focusing on volume rather than quality, the industry has now turned its efforts to producing higher quality coffees. Tea & Coffee Trade Journal attended their latest International Tasting of Dominican coffees (See story on page 30).

Our editors also visited the Starbucks facility in Seattle where the staff discussed how elevation and altitude were two elements considered in procuring coffees. Alexis Rubinstein talks with several roasters and importers on how they look for bright, crisp and flavorful coffees. While high altitudes are desired for coffee growing, it still may be flawed sates one of her sources (See page 34).

Also in this issue, we focus on several tea and coffee equipment companies who continue to update their technology to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry. Espresso equipment, coffee roasting machinery and teabag machinery are highlighted in several articles throughout this issue.

Serena Norr concludes her survey on syrup trends internationally. Chai flavors seems to be the flavor of the moment and syrup uses for iced tea continues to grow. Tea consumption in Germany remains the same, yet imports and exports set a record peak for processed, blended, flavored, and packed in Germany, correspondent Manfred Korner reports as he covers both the German tea and coffee markets on pages 62- 66. He tells us that even though consumer coffee prices are rising, so is consumer demand for the beverage.

We bring this issue to Sintercafe and Encafe and wish the shows well.

Jane McCabe
Editor & Co-Publisher

Tea & Coffee - November, 2007

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