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The world of tea & coffee is sure venturing in many different venues, and uniting everything from cookies, holders, and t-shirts. What could possibly be next?

Cafejo Café: Coffee House In A Box

With so much to offer from a single cup hot beverage system, the only thing you have to figure out is how to place an order. Aquabrew’s latest unit, the Caféjo Café, is packed with the essential, from marketing and sales support to assist you in utilizing the machine, to the ability to make over 100+ selections in beverages.

The Caféjo complements the company’s already installed single cup program, which includes a complete line of their fine coffees, teas and single cup brewing systems. It also provides the marketing and sales support material, as well as a distributor loyalty program that allows operators to earn free brewers. The unit itself offers a great selection of freshly brewed espresso, teas, coffees, hot chocolate, frappes and the likes for any standard prepackaged tea or coffee pod, that along with its automated features (pod ejection, water shut-off leak detection, pre-set option for beverages, water quality monitor, safety brewing indicator) only make it a necessity on every countertop.

The Caféjo is also equipped with multiple patents, with additional ones pending. It is designed with the highest quality in mind.

Aquabrew, Inc., Caféjo Café, Tel: +(1)(714) 432-8800, Fax: +(1)(714) 432-8802, E-mail: info@cafejo.com, Web: www.cafejo.com

Astoria: Jada

When one of the best claims to make “the most productive espresso and cappuccino machine in the world,” the coffee world must listen. The Jada Super Automatic, Astoria’s latest unit, comes in two different models: AK and AKC. Despite this, their objective is the same - to make the best possible beverage, within the best possible time.

The Jada AK model is a two step fully automatic espresso-cappuccino-latte machine. It features push button controls along with dual steam wands; the one towards the right is manually operated, while the one of the left is automatic with controlled temperature. The AK also steams and froths milk, as well as prevent the drinks from being under- or over heated. The AKS model, on the other hand is a one step super automatic. It has a dual auto milk frother for push button latte, cappuccino and espresso controls and steaming wand. Such a competent system - with so much to offer - within a 22 1/2 in. by 21 1/2 in. of space.

The Jada, stainless steel and all, is equipped to outlast the regular units, and also makes for easy cleaning.

General Espresso Equipment Corporation, 7912 Industrial Village Road, Greensboro, North Carolina 27409. Tel: +(1)(336) 393-0224, Fax: +(1)(336) 393-0224, E-mail: info@geec.com, Web: www.geec.com.

Bravo For The New Bolero XL Turbo

Demand in coffee services is always increasing, and retailers need to have the quickest and most suitable equipment at their disposable. Bravilor Bonamat, one of the leading manufacturers of beverage systems and equipment, has just launched the Bolero XL Turbo to support the extra jump in business. The unit has a high capacity due to its 10-liter boiler, and can deliver a full 2-liter of coffee within seconds (75-seconds to be exact, according to Bravilor).

The Bolero is ideal for those rush-hour moments, so go on stop making the customers wait for their cup.

Bravilor Bonamat B.V., P.O. Box 188, 1700 AD Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands. Tel: +(1)(31)(0) 72 57 51 751, Fax: +(1)(31)(0) 72 57 51 758, E-mail: sales@bravilor.com, Web: www.bravilor.com.

Preva xSport

The Portable Espresso Maker - Blue includes an espresso maker, two espresso pods and a shot glass. The xSport is a truly portable espresso maker, with an espresso maker, two espresso pods and a shot glass - when Preva Café labels a product as “on the go,” the company really means it’s for those on the go. Simply insert an espresso pod (7-g to 44-mm diameter pod), add a couple of ounces of hot water and attach the lid, then give it approximately 10 pumps, and out comes a shot of espresso! The unit is ideal for any activity - whether camping, RV-ing, backpacking or in a hotel. Now a quality espresso is only a shot away. The xSport is also compatible with larger coffee pods (11-g, Senseo type pod), which is ideal for making a full cup of coffee.

Preva Cafe, LLC, P.O. Box 2942, Woodinville, Washington 98072. Tel: +(1)(877) 44-PREVA, E-mail: sales@prevacafe.com, Web: www.prevacafe.com.

Caturra: Espresso Marchetti

For coffee lovers that are constantly seeking innovative overseas products, Caturra (an estate that brings together the distinctive coffees of Malawi, Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe), has introduced a new, first quality espresso from Switzerland: Marchetti.

Marchetti, which is supported and produced with high Swiss standards of coffee roasting; guarantees flavor, freshness and taste. The available blends are Sicily and Tuscany - named after Italian provinces - and are created from beans that grow in the highlands of Indonesia, South America and India. Both offer a different temperament of coffee blend, and with their unique, eye-catching packaging it is difficult to dismiss this product.

The Caturra Coffee Company, 14 Tenth Avenue, Maitland, Cape Town, South Africa. Tel: + 27 (0) 21 593-1199, Fax: +27 (0) 21 593-4083, E-mail: info@caturra.co.za, Web: www.caturra.co.za.

Tea & Coffee - November/December, 2006


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