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Tea & Coffee's Product Showcase:

A Candle Cafe

Fruits & Passion has turned its attention to the enchanting cafes of Italy with its new scented candle collection, Cucina Dolce. Evocative of the sights and smells of these cozy meeting places, the seven Cucina Dolce ambiance products are destined to transform any environment into a Mediterranean oasis. A caffeinated jolt of pure coffee and dessert fragrances, the scents evoke an Italian piazza, where espresso, roasted nuts and decadent desserts mingle all day long. The four fragrances include the following fragrances: Espresso, Fresh Cream, Nutmeg and Orange Zest, and Hazelnut.

The candles are available individually, molded into a traditional Italian café liquer glass, or in multiple-fragrance gift sets designed to enhance the senses with discernable dessert medleys. For example, Coffee Zabaglione can be created by burning Espresso and Fresh Cream. Nutmeg and Orange Zest, combined with Hazelnut create a crisp Biscotti. Decadent Tiramisu is created with the combo of Espresso, Fresh Cream and Hazelnut, and a Hazelnut Torta is “baked” with Fresh Cream and Hazelnut.

Fruits & Passion, 21, Paul Gauguin Street, Candiac, Quebec, Canada J5R 3X8. Tel: (450) 638-2212, Fax: (450) 638-2430, E-mail: info@fruits-passion.com, Web site: www.fruits-passion.com.

The Ingenious Teapot

Adagio Teas introduces “ingenuiTEA,” an exclusive product that radically simplifies the brewing of gourmet tea. It is aimed at consumers who recognize loose tea’s superior flavor and health benefits, yet shun it due to the complexity of its preparation. The new teapot helps alleviate these concerns by radically simplifying loose tea’s brewing process. One unique feature is its filtering system, which is activated by placing the teapot atop a cup. A valve at the bottom opens up, permitting crystal-clear tea to flow down.

“The superior flavor of gourmet tea is easy to demonstrate,” says Michael Cramer, Adagio’s marketing manager. “The more difficult change to enact had been to get consumers to follow their taste buds and embrace loose teas in lieu of the ultra-convenient teabag. The latter, mind you, still reigns supreme, but the barrier to entry had been dramatically lowered. To all those claiming gourmet tea a problematic product to prepare, our ingenuiTEA teapot may just be the most ideal example to the contrary.”

Adagio Teas, 1500 Main Avenue, Clifton, NJ 07011. Tel: (1)(973) 253-7400 x114, Fax: (1)(973) 253-6336, E-mail: wholesale@adagio.com, Web site: www.adagio.com.

Tiki Mugs Make Drinks Yummier!

These fantastic ceramic Tiki Mugs are great for exotic beverages with fancy straws and decorations. Will you choose the mischievous Sherm (brown), the slightly scary Bela (red), the nihilistic Carlos (black) or the sassy Klaus (green) Remember, what you drink from is as important as what you drink! Each mug is just over 6” (15.2 cm) tall and holds 14 ounces of delicious beverages.

Accoutrements, P.O. Box 30811, Seattle, Washington 98113. Tel: (425) 349-3838, Fax: (425) 349-5188, E-mail: info@accoutrements.com, Web site: www.accoutrements.com.

Give the Gift of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Los Angeles based specialty coffee and tea retailer, announces its holiday retail gifts available at all California, Nevada, and Arizona retail locations and online beginning November 15. The holiday gift assortment offers customers a wide selection of the company’s exclusive coffee, full leaf teas and beverage mixes, pre-packaged in holiday gift boxes and gift baskets. And, in the spirit of giving, the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will make a generous contribution to the Help Group, a Los Angeles based non-profit organization serving young people with special needs.

The holiday menu includes time-tested seasonal favorites. Winter Dream Tea delights with a full-bodied blend of rooitea, black tea and spices and retails for $9.95. White Chocolate Raspberry Coffee, available for $10.45, is so tasty you’ll want to skip dessert. Holiday Blend Coffee, available for $15.95, is a dark roast with a well balanced, slightly smoky flavor with hints of dark chocolate and spices.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, 1945 So. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90034. Tel: (1)(310) 237-2326, Fax: (1)(805) 484-0105, Info@coffeebean.com, Web site: www.coffeebean.com.

Caffé Botanica Launches Healthy Coffee Brand

Caffé Botanica has introduced a new beverage category for health conscious consumers - herb and mineral infused coffee beans that were developed to help you “wake up healthy”.

Caffé Botanica offers three varieties all made with gourmet, 100% certified organic Arabica beans. Caffé Botanica Strength is a great blend of coffees infused with Calcium. Residents of Naples, Italy, have long believed that their calcium-rich water was the secret behind the smoother, more rounded taste of their coffee. With Caffé Botanica Strength you can enjoy that same great taste with all the great benefits of calcium. Caffé Botanica Health is a special blend of organic coffees infused with Echinacea, a wildflower of the central United States that has traditionally been used to promote healing and wellness. This wonderful blend of organic coffees and herbs results in a delicate, pleasantly sweet coffee with floral tones offering all the great benefits of Echinacea. Caffé Botanica Energy is an organic Swiss Water Decaffeinated coffee infused with Asian Ginseng. This sweet, simple, yet pleasant coffee is perfect for those who wish to eliminate caffeine from their diet. Asian Ginseng has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine to promote vitality and vigor and is an excellent natural replacement for the caffeine.

“We are pleased to be able to contribute to the health and fitness movement by offering a specialty coffee, “ said Chris Monnette, co-founder of Caffé Botanica. “We feel this is a functional beverage that will meet the interests of an active population to wake up healthy.”

Caffé Botanica, P.O. Box 21501, Eugene, Oregon 97402. Tel: (1)(541) 349-0243, Fax: (1)(541) 338-4146, Web site: www.caffebotanica.com.

Japanese Canned Coffee - Approved By Anacafe!

Anacafé and Suntory Ltd. is launching Rainbow Mountain, a new canned coffee product of Suntory’s line Boss. For the first time, this product, a blend of Guatemalan Coffees’ different regions, is certified by Anacafé as to quality.

José Angel López, president of Anacafé, and Shun-Ichi Naito, Suntory´s Chief Operating Officer of Beverage and Food Division, presented the product to the Japanese press, which will be distributed through 420,000 vending machines, convenience stores and supermarkets. Naito expressed his confidence in the product and its acceptance among the Japanese consumers.

According to Suntory, whose market share among canned coffee is 16%, launching a new product requires quality ingredients and reliable partners in order to keep a strict control in origin countries. Suntory selected Anacafe´s Guatemalan Coffees for its experience and capability to launch Rainbow Mountain.

A roasted and ground version of Rainbow Mountain will also be distributed by Unicafe Inc., a company distinguished for its tradition and commitment to quality coffee.

Rainbow Mountain coffee cup characteristics highlights rich flavor and body, while the brilliant Rainbow color of the package communicates innovation and high prestige.

Anacafé believes in the importance of the Japanese market, as the country has increased the demand and consumption of Guatemalan Coffees. In 2003-2004 crop year, Japan was the second most important market for Guatemala after the United States, with a market share of 12%.

Unicafe, No 11-9 Nishi Shin-bashi 2-Chome, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 105-0003, Japan, Tel: (Anacafe) (502) 3664583, Fax: (502) 3665776, E-mail: promotion@guatemalancoffees.com, Web sites: www.suntory.co.jp/softdrink/boss/opening.html, www.unicafe.com, www.guatemalancoffees.com.

Tea & Coffee - November/December, 2004

Tea & Coffee's Business Classifieds!

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