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The world of tea & coffee is expanding into many different venues, and uniting everything from cookies, holders, and t-shirts. What could possibly be next?

New Flavor-Enhancing Filters

Melitta USA, a manufacturer of branded coffee filters, offers everything coffee drinkers need for a perfect cup, from filters to 100% high grown Arabica bean coffees to coffee makers.

The company recently introduced an innovation on its coffee filters with new patented Flavor Enhancing Micro Perforations. The Super Premium Coffee Filters are available in white and natural brown and in sizes #2, #4 and #6 in 40 and 100-count boxes; retail pricing will be approximately $1.99 to $4.49. The Flavor Enhancing Micro Perforations found in Melitta Super Premium Coffee Filters will be noticeably different, both visibly and tangibly. The design of the perforations allow for a richer coffee flavor while filtering out sediments and impurities. This unique filter process allows for more efficient coffee extraction and a fuller tasting cup of coffee. The new technology is the result of extensive research and development, and the constant search for a better tasting cup of coffee.

“Consumers are passionate about the taste of their coffee and are willing to spend more money on premium coffee and spring water, but if they’re not using premium coffee filters, they are not getting the best flavor the coffee has to offer,” said Patty Poole, product manager, Melitta USA.

“Coffee filters play an integral part in the brewing process, and the Melitta Super Premium Coffee Filters with our newly-patented Flavor Enhancing Micro Perforations provide the best flavor possible,” Poole added. “By relaunching our cone coffee filters with this new product enhancement, we are reinforcing Melitta as the category leader.”

Melitta USA, Inc., 13925 58th Street North, Clearwater, Florida 33760. Tel: +1 (888) MELITTA, Web: www.melitta.com.

Fiber Tea for Better Health

FiberTea, Inc., creator of dietary fiber supplement has incorporated dietary fiber with a simple tea-style drink mix. The company strives with their vision to create a way to achieve comfort, health and well-being with natural ingredients. The product line features Fiber Tea, Fiber Jerusan Tea, Fiber Green Tea and Fiber Oolong Tea.

FiberTea is made of natural ingredients that are beneficial for good health, especially vegetable fiber, insulin that is known for its digestive benefits such as supporting bowel regularity, keeping off unwanted pounds while feeling satisfied, helping maintain normal cholesterol levels and helping maintain normal blood sugar levels.

The companies product line also features Fiber Jerusan Tea that works to suppress appetite for weight lose by aiding with weight control by managing sugar levels within the body. The company also features a fiber Oolong Tea, which has been touted for its "fat burning fuel.” Besides weight management, studies have shown that Oolong tea helps lower plasma sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels and protect cells. Although Oolong tea does contain caffeine, it does not harbor as much as black tea, giving a more subtle boost. The companies Fiber Oolong Tea may help your desires to drink off all that excess unwanted body fat. Be comforted and satisfied by choosing an all-natural tea to aid your weight-loss regimen of exercise and low-fat/low calorie diets.

Fiber Tea, 12379 S 265 West Draper, Utah 84020, Tel: + 1 (801) 553-0155, Fax: +1 (801) 553-0171, E-mail: service@fibertea.com, Web: www.fibertea.com.

Cusinart’s First Stand Mixer

Cuisinart, manufacturer of kitchen accessories and small appliances recently entered the stand mixer market with two models designed to raise the bar for performance standards in the category. Cuisinart’s new stand mixers offer consumers the ultimate in power, capacity and control with the Cuisinart 7 Quart Stand Mixer (model no. SM-70) and the Cuisinart 5.5 Quart Stand Mixer (model no. SM-55).

“Our new stand mixers deliver more power, capacity, features and precision than any models currently on the market,” says Mary Rodgers, director of marketing Communications for Cuisinart. “Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or basic beginner, Cuisinart stand mixers offer consumers the ability to create an entire meal with a single kitchen appliance. From savory gougéres for starters, to main dish meatloaf and decadent chocolate mousse, recipes can be prepared faster and easier than ever before.”

Cuisinart’s 7-quart and 5.5-quart stand mixers are the largest capacity stand mixers on the market. The bowl allows home chefs to double and even triple recipes; you can produce three loaves of bread or eight dozen cookies, which is also applicable to coffee and tea based receipes such as coffee/ tea infused cakes, frappes, etc.

There are additional special features adds to the convenience of Cuisinart’s new stand mixers. They feature a tilt-back head for easy bowl access and ease-of-use when attaching accessories. For increased safety, the head-lift release lever securely locks the stand mixer head into the raised position. Other benefits include a 15-minute countdown timer that automatically turns off the stand mixer after the selected time has elapsed. A single audible tone also signals shutoff. Another user-friendly feature is a “pause mode” function for the timer, which allows consumers to interrupt the countdown and stop the mixing process, if necessary. Another feature that distinguishes the product is the fact that it has three power outlets — High, Medium and Slow — for a variety of attachments, which takes the meaning of “multi-tasking” to a whole new level.

Both stand mixers are available in white and brushed chrome and integrate well with either contemporary or traditional kitchen décor. The products will also be available in black in June.


Rum Cake Fairy Tea-Infused Desserts

Rum Cake Fairy cake, a “melt in your mouth” dessert made with the finest Caribbean rum, freshest butter, whole eggs, imported spices and finished with a rum-laced gossamer glaze recently launched their tea-infused dessert line.

The Rum Cake Fairy dessert company introduced its four flavor tea-infused dessert line at New York's T Salon Chelsea market location. The cakes are offered in a several varieties including Lemon Earl Grey, Chai Spice, Lemon Mango or Orange Rum Cake Fairy cakes.

The company also features their traditional Dark Rum — a rich blend of light moist cake, perfectly aged Caribbean rum and island-sweet sugar cane molasses.

All Rum Cake Fairy cakes are made-to-order and shipped immediately to ensure freshness.

The Rum Cake Fairy Dessert Company LLC, 328 Flatbush Avenue, Suite 354

Brooklyn, New York 11238, Tel: + 1 (888) 488-8RUM (888-488-8786), Fax: 718-230-8543, Email: info@rumcakefairy.com, Web: www.rumcakefairy.com.

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