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Tea & Coffee World Cup Geneva Review
By Serena Norr and Rosanna Mazzei

A Rousing Event for Tea and Coffee Professionals held in Geneva, Switzerland.

On June 3-5th Tea & Coffee Trade Journal presented its latest European exhibition and symposium — Tea & Coffee World Cup to Geneva, Switzerland at the Geneva Palexpo. The event was signified by a bustling exhibition floor filled with a consortium of tea and coffee executives eager to expand their knowledge base through three days of informative symposiums and comprehensive workshops — this was surely a show not to be missed!

Busy leaders took time away from their demanding schedules to lecture on the topics they felt were of educational worth to the tea and coffee communities. Thousands of interested attendees from over 150 countries descended upon the Palexpo Convention Center to take advantage of key business opportunities, learning about new technologies as they discovered cutting-edge products and networking with top industry executives from around the globe including China, Japan, Russia, Germany, France and Brazil.

The conference drew talented leaders from Europe, South America, North America, Africa and Asia to showcase their high quality goods and services. Equipment manufacturers, growers, importers, exporters and coffee roasters all played a distinct role in helping the industry move in even more profitable directions. This couldn’t have been more evident than at the many educational coffee symposiums held throughout the three-day conference.

A moderated group of key leaders also sat together to discuss the importance of “Quality Control On the Journey from Seed to Cup: A Model for Growing, Roasting, Brewing and Serving Premium Estate-Grown Coffees.” This all-encompassing forum elicited many questions as audience members explored the complete coffee cycle.

Sistema Espresso Italiano’s Roberto Pregel and Databank’s Giandomenico De Franco discussed the market trends of Roast and Ground coffee and Roast and Ground pre-portioned. Their research and data was well-received.

The Espresso Seminar held by the Italian Espresso National Institute (INEI) in cooperation with the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (IIAC) met even more success than it had enjoyed at previous shows in Hamburg and Rome. In this interactive seminar, experts lectured, teaching the science and precision behind making a classic cup of espresso through time-honored techniques. Upon completion, participants were awarded valuable industry diplomas.

The Coffee Roasting Workshop, sponsored by Probat, shed light on a complex part of the coffee industry supply chain, putting on display the distinct areas and daily processes of a roasting plant. Participants working in the coffee industry were able to build upon their own personal industry information sources and bring insight and ideas back to their respective companies. Success is cultivated in many ways, and Tea & Coffee World Cup Geneva was just one way to foster great leadership ideas.

Another memorable event at this year’s World Cup were the tea symposiums held over the span of three days. The first day was conducted under the guise of chairman, Dietmar Scheffler, from Haelssen & Lyon; a Germany based company. The symposium was highlighted by a rich discussion of several tea origins; a timeless topic of discussion. The day began with such topics as: Guarding &Preserving the Family-Owned Tea Business: Suggestions; Back to the Roots of Herbal Tea, Tea Origins: China’s Myriad Teas; Tea Origins: Kenya’s Blending Teas; Tea Origins: Nepal’s Treasures. The audience was roused with a wealth of information as they asked numerous informative questions pertaining to such topics.

The next day was highlighted by chairman, Dirk Wollenhaupt from Gebrueder Wollenhaupt located in Germany. This day ranged from a variety of topics including Filter Material Trends; Development of Organic Tea in Europe; and the always-popular topic Tea & Health.

Philip Miles from Van Rees located in The Netherlands chaired the third day. Such topics included: Promoting Tea on the Internet; New Ways to Supplement your Product Portfolio: Developing ‘Crazy & Catchy’ Products; RTD Tea: Is This Worth Europe’s Time?; Focus on India; and Consumer Tea Requests.

The Tea segment also covered some noteworthy special events held on the bustling exhibition floor. The tasting and Blending segment under the Nepal Tea Association discussed the blending, tasting, and sensory evaluation for newcomers that also indulged and educated the newcomers on the wide world of tea. The next day brought on Tisane Tasting & Blending with Otto Ratka, from Florapharm based in Germany. This event supplied an educational forum that enlightened attendees on beginners in tisanes as well as those who wanted to freshen up on their blending, tasting and sensory evaluation knowledge.

Following the success of Tea & Coffee World Cup Geneva, and that of previous shows, a new event has been designed to bridge ideas between Latin America and North America, and industry professionals who are interested in doing business with these valuable markets. The Tea & Coffee World Cup Americas show will be held in Miami Beach, Florida, on January 9-11, 2008. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn the most up-to-date information on tea and coffee from the source on through up the supply chain. Your chance to make invaluable business contacts and purchases is only a few months’ away, with every aspect of tea and coffee technology, packaging, roasting and processing on display. For the up-to-date information on all shows, exhibitors and more, log on to www.tcworldcup.com.

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