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Between Life and Health Lies Coffee & Tea

The debate about the negative impact of coffee on our health has been argued for years. However, recently, an advent of new studies suggests that coffee cannot only deliver numerous health benefits, but can also be considered a necessary staple against certain diseases. With such surprising news, it may be time to take coffee off the list of life’s guilty pleasures, and transfer it to the one of simple bliss.

Not only has coffee been receiving positive press, but tea has also been enjoying some good press on its healthy characteristics within the past 16 years. Scientists now believe that green tea has greater health benefits than black tea. Jane Pettigrew summarizes the extensive research that explores and suggests those benefits (“What Can Green Tea Do for You?” pg. 56), while Serena Norr reviews the never-ending health attributes coffee has been enjoying (30).

Despite these advances that have been undergoing for some time, the industry was deeply saddened recently by the lost of two of coffee’s icons this past summer: Ward Barbee and Isaac Ribeiro Ferreira Leite.

Dr. Isaac Ferreira Leite was considered a visionary in the international coffee arena. He was awarded “Coffee Person of the Year” by the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal in 1995. Forming a cooperative of Brazilian growers back in 1957, he led the company into becoming the largest coffee cooperative in Brazil. His work in coffee interests, as well as civic and community activities rendered Dr. Isaac many honors. Tea & Coffee correspondent, Harry Jones, writes an obituary notice on page 82.

Ward Barbee, publisher and founder of Fresh Cup Magazine, died while vacationing in Italy. “He was an icon in the industry, and the response from around the world has been overwhelming,” says Fresh Cup editor Julie Beals. “We at Fresh Cup, and the industry at large, owe a lot to Ward. We will miss him fiercely.”

Ward was a formidable fellow who always spoke his mind. He praised those that should be praised within this industry, and chided those who shirked their duties. His zest and passion for the coffee industry was infectious and he helped rear many new careers. The SCAA conferred upon Ward the award of Outstanding Publisher in 2005. He was an up-front competitor, who would share stories and a drink with all. Almost the entire industry has an affable story of Ward and he will definitely be missed!

Jane McCabe
Editor & Co-Publisher

Tea & Coffee - October/November, 2006

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