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Disaster in New Orleans

Our hearts go out to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. A major tea and coffee port city, New Orleans has suffered irrevocable damage. As efforts to rebuild this historic wonderful city begin, we join other associations and organizations in disseminating specific company and personnel notices. Coffee and tea importers, roasters and packers have relocated their businesses as they attempt to find, return and rebuild personnel and housing.

Early September, the warehouse company, Jackson & Son, Inc. estimated that less than 5% of their coffee may have been affected by rainwater. Others, such as Port Cargo, reported roof damages and transferred their coffee stocks to dryer areas.

As of mid-September, Allan Colley, president of Dupuy Storage, relayed the following message through the Green Coffee Association, Our computer system is up and running in Jacksonville, Florida. We are going to relocate some of our staff to that operation so that we will have a communications center to address your questions and needs. We have received requests from insurance adjusters and surveyors to visit our buildings. We will accommodate these requests as best we can, since entry to New Orleans is still somewhat restricted. Unfortunately, those same restrictions have prevented us from starting cargo assorting, receipt and delivery in earnest. The company examined product damages that ranged from 5-20% in certain buildings, with a possibility of more extensive devastation.

Many other companies have rearranged their structure and location to facilitate the certain tasks and programs. Westfeldt Brothers have relocated to North Carolina, while Luzianne Coffee has temporarily concentrated their roasting activities in Knoxville, Tennessee. Procter & Gamble, which has four coffee storage and production facilities with over 500 employees in the New Orleans area, already has more than 500 employees and 50 contractors working at the Folgers plant. They are repairing equipment, restoring phone lines and ensuring a watertight facility.

To all affected companies: Please disclose your contact information so that we may publish this information in future issues of the magazine and on our web site. Addresses and all contact information for these affected companies will be published as we learn them. Please support our tea and coffee community during this time of need.

Community Coffee Co., Tel: (1)(800) 525-5583

Dupuy Storage & Forwarding LLC, 39 Mistletoe Drive, Covington, Louisiana 70433. Tel: (1)(504) 245-7600 - These calls are being rerouted to Jacksonville, Florida. E-mail: abcolley@dupuystorage.com

Folger Coffee Co., Employee Hotline: (1)(866) 345-0395

International Coffee Corp., 1801 CM Fagan Dr., Suite 4, Hammond, LA 70403. Tel: (1) (504) 586-8700, Web: www.iccnola.com

Port Cargo Service, LLC, 40136 Highway 942, Darrow, Louisiana 70725. Tel: (1)(225) 473-7841, Fax: (1) (225) 473-7891, E-mail: kk@portcargo.com

Westfeldt Brothers, Inc., P.O. Box 1992, 4020 Hendersonville Road , Suite E , Fletcher, North Carolina 28732. Tel: (1) (828) 654-3223, Fax: (1)(828) 651-848432

Jane McCabe
Editor & Co-Publisher

Tea & Coffee - October/November, 2005

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