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Tea & Coffee's Book Showcase:

New Tastes in Green Tea
By Mutsuko Tokunaga
Foreword by Jane Pettigrew

New Tastes in Green Tea is an original cookbook that ushers an underappreciated flavor into the kitchen as a beverage and a cooking ingredient. Green tea latte, Matcha Smoothie, or Iced Matcha au Lait take “the greens” in a new direction. Mouthwatering recipes for gratin, quiche, pastas and desserts using the taste of green tea will enliven the adventurous cook’s culinary repertoire.

Author Mutsuko Tokunaga, vice president of the World Green Tea Association, introduces the reader to the most popular types of traditional tea, the fine art of brewing a perfect cup, and the ins and outs of tea lore. Lavish images by two top food photographers provide the perfect visual accompaniment for making green tea a part of everyday life. With the growing awareness of health benefits of this popular beverage, new Tastes in Green Tea is a must-have for anyone seeking to appreciate its versatility and elegant flavorings.

Jane Pettigrew, who writes a foreword to the book, is a leading authority on tea, an author of a number of renowned books on tea, and writer for Tea & Coffee Trade Journal.

Available from: Kodansha International, Otowa YK Building, 1-17-14 Otowa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8652. Tel: (81)(3) 3944-6491, E-mail: sales@kodansha-intl.co.jp, Web site: www.thejapanpage.com.

Meditations With Tea
by Diana Rosen

Meditations With Tea is much more than its title suggests. It delves into the reader’s soul, using tea rituals and historic reflections from well-known statesmen, poets, artists, philosophers and authors of classic literature as guides.

Rosen’s passion for tea culture pervades her prose. Her style is personal and she writes as if her message is only for the reader. She encourages, mentors and inspires, gently guiding readers on how to reach our true expression through 12 contemplative meditations using tea as mantra.

Retailers will be able to merchandise teas with appropriate accessories to create displays of historic rituals, using the book’s information and adding their own stores’ innovation.

“[Rosen] is one of the most knowledgeable tea experts in the industry and has written a number of books on the subject that retailers sell in their store libraries,” says Suzanne Brown, veteran marketing correspondent for Tea & Coffee Trade Journal. “To hear Diana talk, and read her descriptions, you feel compelled to buy, brew and sip tea in a new and different way.”

Available from: Citadel Press, a division of Kensington Publishing, 850 Third Avenue, 16th floor, New York, NY. 10003. Tel: (1)(212) 407-1500, Web site: www.kensingtonbooks.com.

By Mike Clarke

Thanks-a-Latte is a collection of clever cartoons that will change the way you look at a cup of coffee. Smart-aleck lattes, medieval bagel comedians, rough-neck muffin gangs, and caffeine-inspired takeoffs on the masterpieces of famous artists are all part of author Mike Clarke’s wacky world of coffee-based humor. Thanks-A-Latte is a must for the coffee table of latte drinkers everywhere, and anyone else who can’t live without their coffee.

This book is great for customer direct point of purchase sales, trade show giveaways, and premiums. So order that triple shot latte, retire to the nearest empty table, and immerse yourself in a comic world gone totally awry.

Available from: Robert D. Reed Publishers, P.O. Box 1992, Bandon, Oregon 97411. Tel: (1)(541) 347-9882, Fax: (1)(541) 347-9883, E-mail: 4bobreed@msn.com, Web site: www.rdrpublishers.com.

Tea & Coffee - October/November, 2004


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