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ICA 40th Anniversary
ICA S.p.A. is celebrating 40 years of designing, developing and manufacturing packaging machinery. According to ICA, the company has always been consumer-driven; developing automated packaging systems to meet the demands of the continually changing packaging world. Coffee has always been an important part of ICA’s business; however, tea, flour, rice, bakery products, candy, pasta, grated cheese, powdered detergents as well as chemicals and pharmaceutical products are some of the other products that ICA focuses on. All of these products may be packaged in a variety of shapes and sizes including; side gusset, pouch, Patented NTS 4-side seal, offset seal, 3-side seal and shaped 3-side seal. These packages may be produced from a variety of packaging materials including high-barrier films and even kraft paper. Packages are available with a variety of user friendly opening and closing devices, including die-cut, tin-tie, zipper and reclosable label. ICA will be introducing a “state of the art”, high-speed espresso pod packaging system this year. ICA manufactures a variety of feed systems and weighers and may supply complete “turnkey” systems, bringing your innovative products to market efficiently. Website: www.ICASPA.IT.

Free Cleaning Decal from Tomlinson
Tomlinson Industries, manufacturers of brewing faucets, is offering a free faucet cleaning decal for the S & SPB Series Faucets used in commercial tea and coffee dispensing equipment. The decal is fully illustrated to assist operators in the proper disassembly and cleaning of the No-Drip Faucets.

According to Tomlinson, their faucets last indefinitely when properly maintained. Routine cleaning of faucets ensures proper functioning and helps deliver a consistent and quality beverage. The faucet is the hardest working part of the dispenser. Tomlinson Industries is ISO 9002 certified for quality.

Tomlinson Industries, 13700 Broadway Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44125-1992. Tel: (216) 587-3400, Fax: (216) 587-6192. Web: www.tomlinsonind.com.

Sinar Sieve Shaker
Introducing the New Meinzer II Sieve Shaker powered by electromagnetics, with no motor, no moving parts and no problems, says the company. The Meinzer Ii is extremely quiet - no sound enclosure needed. Its compact size and lightweight (36 lbs.) makes it suitable for use on a bench top in the lab, in the production area, or in the field. The Meinzer II is rugged and easy to use. The built-in 60-minute timer and exacting sieve motion ensures precise, repeatable results time after time

CSC Scientific Company, Inc., 2810 Old Lee Hwy, Fairfax, Virginia 22301, Tel: (1-800) 458-2558, Fax: (1-703) 280-5142, E-mail: mtranmer@cscscientific.com, Web site: www.cscscientific.com.

Tea & Coffee - October/November, 2003
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