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Affinitea Brewing Technologies Names President, Senior Vice President
Affinitea Brewing Technologies, Inc. has announced Anthony Priley as the company’s president and Michael DiMartino as senior vice president.

Priley is co-founder and managing partner of River Rock Coffees & Cafe, a successful beverage cafe in Roseville, California, where he oversees the microbrew, wine, coffee and specialty tea programs as well as new product development. He was part of the Citrus Heights Incorporation Project Board and is a member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

In 1994, Priley founded the Leaf Instinct Tea Company, which later became Affinitea Brewing Technologies, Inc., and co-invented the Affinitea Infusion Process, which allows the tea consumer to get a cup of fresh loose-leaf tea, herbal tea or tisane, hot or iced, in less time than it takes to prepare an espresso beverage.

As president of the company, Priley will oversee the final stages of development of the Affinitea Infusion Process, including the bid process and the manufacture of the commercial machine. He will also lead the development of the product for home use and will play an active role in obtaining venture capital and forming strategic alliances.

As senior vice president, DiMartino will help take the Affinitea Infusion Process to market. DiMartino will use his ability to develop and implement strategic objectives, to obtain venture capital and to establish strategic alliances while building the Affinitea sales program.

Tea & Coffee - October/November 2002

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