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Wells Promotes Folgner, Angrick
Donald Folgner, former president of Wells Manufacturing/Bloomfield Industries, commercial manufacturer, will now assume the role of chairman of the company. He will lead major internal operational projects and will be involved in many key initiatives for Specialty Equipment Companies, Inc., its parent corporation. Paul Angrick, formerly executive vice president, has been promoted to the position of president. He will now be responsible for all daily operations of the company.

Folgner’s distinctive career with Wells manufacturing/ Bloomfield industries began in 1979 and has included the position of vice president of manufacturing, chief operating officer. Angrick’s position of president of Bakers Pride Oven Co. and several other key positions while with the Welbilt Corp. highlight his broad 16-year foodservice background.

Wells Manufacturing/ Bloomfield Industries is a manufacturer of commercial cooking and warming equipment as well as a quality line of commercial beverage systems. It serves the restaurant, food service, institutional and convenience store markets.

Erna Knutsen Receives Golden Bean Award
During the 12th annual SCAA Conference in San Francisco in April, Erna Knutsen was honored with the Golden Bean Award. The award was bestowed upon her by Trygve Klingenberg, c.e.o. of the Oslo- based specialty roaster and importer Solberg & Hansen AS.

“Her lifelong and honest commitment in pursuit of excellence in coffee should need no further presentation,” said Klingenberg. “We are proud of her Norwegian heritage-and she is a true star to follow for everybody involved in coffee and an enormous inspiration.”

The Golden Bean Award was instituted in 1992 by the specialty trade in Norway. The idea was to find some way of honoring individuals within the trade who had made a lifelong extraordinary contribution to the development of excellence in coffee in Norway. The award is given to individuals who, towards the end of their active career, can look back on a lifelong engagement and involvement in pursuit of sustainability, excellence and creativity in the struggle for an ultimate coffee-and they all have to have had a certain impact on or connection with Norway.

Anyone interested may turn in a proposals. The evaluation of candidates is made by a council made up of Norwegians who have been involved in the trade for more than 25 years. One member is always chosen among the group of people already holding the award, and the decision has to be made unanimously.

Each of the people honored will have their name and CVs written into a book. The first book will be made public when the tenth award is handed out.

The award has been given to two individuals so far. In 1995, Svein Stoesen of Norway received the award. He owned and developed Stockfleth’s, the oldest chain of specialty stores in Norway, which celebrated its 100th anniversary that year. Antoinette Latupapua of Indonesia received the Golden Bean Award in 1996 for her struggle for development of life conditions of coffee farmers in her country through marketing of Indonesian Coffees in Norway.

Tea & Coffee - October/November 2000

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