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The world of tea & coffee is expanding into many different venues, and uniting everything from cookies, holders, and t-shirts. What could possibly be next?

Choclatea Combines Chocolate & Tea

Smile Chocolatiers have developed Choclatea, blending the intensity of chocolate and multi-layered taste of chocolate with the aromatic characteristics of organic teas, fruits and spices. Chocolatea features four types of Belgian chocolate (very dark, dark, milk and white) and eight organic tea varieties to create 12 different flavors of chocolate bars. The bars are all hand blended and poured in small batches and the very dark and dark bars combine high cacao content and teas and fruits with anti-oxidant properties, which provide health benefits.

The very dark chocolate (72% Cacao) varieties include, pomegranate white tea, white tea, coconut green tea, and herbal chai tea. The dark chocolate (64% Cacao) varieties include, wild raspberry tea, white tea, coconut green tea, and herbal chai tea. The milk chocolate (37% Cacao) flavors include wild raspberry tea and ginger tea. The white chocolate (37% Cocoa Butter) flavors include rosemary tea and pistachio green tea.

Smile Chocolatiers, 29500 Heathercliff Road # 116, Malibu, California 90265. Tel: +1(310) 457-4039, Fax: +1 (310) 317-7199, E-mail: hillary@smilechocolatiers.com.

Natural Choices Botanica (Legacy Teas)

Founded in 1992 as a family owned company, Natural Choices Botanica of Traditional Healing has developed new Legacy Tea Blends using the recipes of the owner’s great-grandmother. Some teas include medicinal ingredients, flower petals and fragrances of flavored loose teas, incorporating artistic names to each all-natural blend.

Legacy Tea Blends include, Flower Love, Winter Solstice, House Blend, Chakra Love Tea, From Asia with Love, Spice of Life, Middle Passage, Underwater Moonlight and Pearls, Nights Over New Orleans, Lost City of Muir, Smith-Trahern Mansion, Life Dance, Fairies, Ladybugs and Butterflies, Seven Powers, Lord of the Cosmic Dancers, Khoi-Khoi Courage “the Return of Sara Bartman,” Mariah’s Melody, Breast Cancer Awareness, Mumbet and Harriet Jacobs.

Natural Choices Botanica of Traditional Healing, 226 Downer Dr. Clarksville, Tennessee 37042. Tel: +1(931) 906-2792.

Joe Fizz Coffee Soda

Tenback Inc. has developed a coffee soda called Joe Fizz. The soda is made from Pur Java liquid coffee concentrate, carbonated water, pure cane sugar, sodium benzoate and phosphoric acid. The drink comes in a

12-oz glass bottle and is best served over ice. Joe Fizz is a carbonated coffee flavored soda made with Honduran coffee. Each year, Tenback Inc. donates 10% of their profits to non-profit organizations such as visual and performing arts and health care foundations.

Purjava, P.O. Box 4381, Lincoln, Nebraska 68504. Tel: +1(402) 489-3979, E-mail: james@purjava.com.

Drive-Thru Windows, Ready for Access

Ready Access has produced seven new drive-thru display windows. The Bump Out 48 Display Window offers a panoramic view of cars and outside activity while providing three adjustable display shelves.

The 131 BI-Parting Sliding Window offers unobstructed views of customer and crew and is available in two standard window heights, suitable for both large and small operations. The 131 BI-Parting Sliding Window with Attached Split Transom offers a center opening for the Ready Access AA100 fly fan.

The Bump Out 2 Display Window is the original design recognized throughout the world. The Bump Out 10 Display Window offers a panoramic view while providing over four feet of inside usable counter space.

The Bump Out 72 Display Window also offers the panoramic view along with six adjustable display shelves. The Flashmount 3 series comes in three sizes with a large opening, convenient frame size and simple operation.

Ready Access, 1815 Arthur Drive, West Chicago, Illinois 60185. Tel: +1(630) 876-7766, Fax: +1(630) 876-7767, E-mail: ready@ready-access.com, Web: www.ready-access.com.

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